Little Helpers Fun Pod Review


Little Helpers Fun Pod Review

Little Helpers Fun Pod

When Mumsclub were offered the chance to review the Little Helpers Fun Pod, we created a frenzy with our review panel about who was actually going to test them. Thankfully the kind people at Fun Pod sent us two to review, so hopefully with them both amalgamated together, you get an objective and honest review.

funpodThe sales blurb tells us that the FunPod is a safety device to get toddlers aged 1-6 into the kitchen to help, play and learn all about food and nutrition. It gives mum/dad/grandparents time to prepare a healthy meal as they simultaneously keep an eye on their tots whilst educating and getting them involved.  Heralded as Socially responsible for encouraging a better food education, the FunPod is a favourite of Professor Paul Gately’s (of Too Fat to Toddle TV fame) and the government and local PCTs.

So what did we think?

funpod03The boxes arrived and we worried that the children would be more interested in making things out of the boxes than the FunPod inside but we were delighted that this wasn’t the case.

When we are not working, the heart of our family is centred around the kitchen, whether it be cooking, washing, doing homework with the older children and the little ones always want be part of the action. We have tried a variety of options (I don’t recommend little ones standing on a chair) but now with the Fun Pod, the little one is content watching me and ‘helping’ or eating a snack or ‘colouring’ and basically being involved. They are safe and secure in the Fun Pod, giving us mums peace of mind.

If you have a little princess, she will love being the “princess in the tower” but just make sure that any siblings don’t try and get in and rescue her as it is definitely for one child only. It is exceptionally well made, sturdy and whilst a little heavy – I suppose this is what makes it so strong. It has clear assembly instructions …. even for the most DIY challenged amongst us and took under an hour to assemble, which is time well spent with the hours of fun and freedom this product inspires.

At £112.99 its not the cheapest baby essential but if you think how many expensive baby gadgets you have bought that never get used, this one certainly won’t be one of them.

We love that the FunPod was conceived through an idea by a Mum (and a Dad), as we are strong supporters of mum review badge inspired products and we adore the ethos of The Little Helper Company “Our kids deserve the best start in life we can give them, and many of our products are about interaction, education and development” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we are not even going to try.

The FunPod gets a huge thumbs up from the Mumsclub Team and it retails at £112.99 nationwide including Tesco Direct, Kiddicare, Amazon and Mothercare. Can you afford NOT to buy one?

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