Kaya Jewellery review


Kaya Jewellery review

Kaya Jewellery review

How thrilled I was to receive such a beautiful package from the postman last week.

I have recently had my second daughter – she is now 5 months old and the bond between her and her big sister is already evident. My older daughter Belle cannot get enough of her baby sister, and the novelty which I had expected to wear off by now is still very strong with Belle asking to cuddle Chess at least 5 times a day!

So when offered the opportunity to choose something from the Kaya Jewellery range, I decided upon the interlocking Mother and daughter necklaces to give to my girls. It was a tough decision as I was pretty tempted to choose something lovely for me, but as mums do, I put my children first and I am so happy I did.

Being 5, Belle loves all things pretty, so when I gave her the necklaces explaining they were for her and Chess she was chuffed to bits to receive something so pretty. When I encouraged her to look a bit closer at the necklaces themselves, and she noticed her and her sister’s initials on each one and then realised that the necklaces featured half a heart each which formed a complete heart when putting together, she actually squealed! I explained that the necklaces were for when they were older so they could always have each other closer to heart even when they were grown up, so she carefully put them back in their pretty pink box and took them to her room to her special keepsake box – after of course trying on both hers (and Chess’) to make sure they fit!

For me, the joy of such a beautiful, thoughtful gift is something I will treasure. And the necklaces were of lovely quality with very beautiful engraving. I was pleased with the quality of the chains and the delicate pendants.   Gorgeous attention to detail makes these a necklaces fabulous pieces.

I know that these necklaces will give my girls and me so much pleasure for many years to come. A beautiful gift that brings with it so much love and thought.


Our reviewer, Sally Hall is proud mummy to her two beautiful girls – Belle and Chess and also two gorgeous boys too. She is the founder of www.dorothyandtheodore.com and therefore an expert on all things pretty!



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