Thyme smoothie review

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Thyme smoothie review

It’s Thyme smoothie review 

After the success of our Sunday Lunch giveaway and review of Thyme fresh foods, we were delighted to be able to send more MumsClub members even more goodies to review.

We already know Thyme as suppliers of great food, freshly made, by hand, frozen, without preservatives, then sent to your door ready for when you are. Especially as working mums, we love having the convenience of great food ready and waiting in the freezer – it can be a lifesaver.

This time it was smoothie packs! Here’s our latest results from the Review Panel:



I love a smoothie, and occasionally buy one for my self as a special treat when I am out and about – however they are expensive and often packed full of sugar, so not as healthy as you think.  When Mums club said that new frozen food company Thyme had invited us to have a look at their new ‘Smoothie box’ I was intrigued.

A courier delivered a well packed box, with a sticker on the front that said ‘Hello Lucy’ a nice personal touch. Inside, packed in ice and insulated in sheep’s wool were all the smoothie packets  still totally frozen.  There was another surprise in the box too, two vintage milk bottles with a straw, the perfect smoothie vessels, and the children squealed with delight when they saw them which was a good start.

Each little bag is packed with a frozen mix of interesting combinations of fruit and some times veg as well:

All hail kale – spinach, kale, mango, pineapple

Purple rain – strawberry, pomegranate, apple, blackcurrant

Cococabana  – Strawberry, pineapple, coconut

Then the fun starts, you choose whether you add fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, honey or even a tiny bit of sugar (shhh!)  Smoothie, milk shake or nutribullet, each packet has a great combination of fruit and veg.  My first thought is that this is a fabulous way for us all to get our five a day.



Living in a house with two tweens who are permanently hungry, I find myself in a constant battle, trying to steer them towards healthy snacks, before they tuck into the crisps, chocolate, and sweets.  We are bombarded with messages about childhood obesity, the dangers of sugar, these little bags of goodness are delicious and good for you. The other revelation for us has been that the children really enjoy making the smoothies, the only down side I can see is that one of them might leave the lid off the blender and spray the kitchen!

I have also found that they are the perfect breakfast, low fat and filling, and great when you are racing out of the house in the morning.  I have even been known to sip one in the car.  I had a get up and go go – broccoli, banana, spinach, pineapple, celery this morning and bounced into the office.

I am pleased to report that fresh smoothies are fun to make with delicious results. No sugar. No additives and no hassle.  Thank you Thyme!

Finally, there is a way to make greens taste nice!’  Theo aged 12.

I really like making smoothies when I get home from school, then I don’t need so much chocolate …’ Olivia aged 14




I was delighted to receive a parcel from thyme at, filled to the brim with packs (still completely frozen as a result of their brilliant packaging) of ready to go smoothie mixes.

My husband bought us a smoothie maker in the New Year to try and encourage us all to eat a bit more fruit and vegetables. As a mum of four, I admit to having days when I struggle to hit the 5-a-day let alone 10 a day target, particularly with my very fussy 4 year old who frowns suspiciously at anything I put in front of him unless its Chocolate or Pasta! So the smoothie maker was our plan to start us all off with a fruit boost every morning and banana smoothies were the order of the day most mornings to begin with. But, even the best of intentions waiver and our limited recipe knowledge along with the either abundance or lack of available ingredients depending on when we had last gone grocery shopping meant our smoothie habit quickly became hit and miss.



Thyme smoothie packs instantly solved that problem. Having the ready measured up packs in the freezer which I simply put straight into the blender along with some juice was not only quick and simple (even for this busy working mama) but also incredibly convenient. Due to the portion sized packs, the children also loved that they got to each choose which flavour they wanted.

And they delivered on taste too. My 5 year old even drank spinach – albeit I told her it was “Super Juice’ and as for my oh so fussy 4 year old – we turned his into milkshakes by swapping out the juice for milk meaning a calcium boost as well as the fruit fix.



All in all, a big hit with all the family, and the perfect solution for time strapped parents. I highly recommend the itsthyme packs – but you’re not allowed to order any of the Cocobana packs – those ones are all mine…all of them! At least that’s what I told my team!

Sally Hall is mummy to four delicious little ones, author of One Out of Nine, and the founder of Dorothy and Theodore.




What an absolute treat to find a massive hamper of Thyme frozen smoothies delivered to my door this week! I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic and love both keeping fit and eating healthily so, in theory, these are right up my street however I’m not someone who drinks lots of smoothies (especially any that contain vegetables!!) so I wasn’t sure if the reality would actually live up to the excitement and expectations!

So, what is the product? In a nutshell, bundles of frozen fruit (and to a lesser extent) veg come pre-packed in handy size, nutritious doses which you just need to add 200ml of liquid too, blitz in your blender and, hey presto, you have a freshly made smoothie. Everything about the product has appeal, from the amusing names – (‘Banana Armour’ was our favourite) – to the colourful packaging whilst, of course, the fact that this is a healthy treat is just the icing on the cake. My children preferred adding some fresh juice to the smoothie mix adding some extra sweetness whilst I found that just adding water was perfect. Whilst the smoothie packets are delicious as they are, they also served as a great base for other ingredients. Much to my shame, there always seems to be some fruit past it’s best in the fruit bowl and we used these smoothies as a way to use up any leftover fruit that would otherwise have been wasted. And, much to my surprise, I loved those smoothie mixes that contained veg… the sweetness of the pineapple in the ‘Get up and Go Go’ smoothie mix balanced out the broccoli and spinach.



My 10 year old daughter in particular loved these as well, along with the cute milk bottle style bottles to serve them in…  She headed straight to the freezer after school to concoct her latest smoothie creation thanks to Thyme. And what better way to encourage the kids to get their 5 a day?

So would I buy them? In a heartbeat! They are just so convenient to keep in the freezer and take out when needed. I’ve already looked online to sign up. I came across this great deal – – giving you the chance to try it out for yourself at a great price. There are already some other flavours I’ve spotted which take my fancy and I’m dying to try them. Totally hooked already! Thank you Thyme!


Where to buy

Thyme are the producers of this fabulousness, and it costs less than you might think too. When buying a box like ours, it works out at just £1.33 per packet which, if you throw in a couple of extra secret ingredients is a great way to ensure two of you get at least a couple of your 5-a-day and it’ll last for weeks!

We tried the best selling smoothie variety box which came with 30 frozen and blender ready mixed fruit & veg packets including:

  • Banana Armour x 3
  • Absofruitly x 3
  • Share your Passion x 3
  • Cococabana x 3
  • All Hail Kale x 3
  • Green Defender x 3
  • Energy Currant x 2
  • Ah-Say-Ee x 2
  • Purple Rain x 2
  • Pump Up The Beet x 2
  • For Beauty’s Shake x 2
  • Get Up & Go Go x 2

Use code “MUMSCLUB” to get £10 off your next order!

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