I.M. Mum

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I.M. Mum

I.M. Mum

My name is Alissa and I mum to the 2 most beautiful little girls: Chloe Melody (4 years going on 14) and Isabella May (9 months and bumshuffeling).

Being a mum means everything to me. Apart for the sleepless nights and functioning solely on green tea (my fav) I would say there is not a single thing in the world that could possible be better then getting those smiles and watching them explore the world.

Just a couple of weeks back I introduced my (you could say 3rd baby) company Izzy melody to the world and with that I.M. BabyBangle.

And what an amazing step that was to take….

After having a (I would say quite succesful) career I always wanted more. This incentive came even more when Chloe was born. (I went back to work when she was not even 3 months old) Having that little lady at home really made me appreciate the tiny things and mainly the tiny moments in my life. It was the smile I got when picking her up from daycare, it was the hour long bath we had together on Saturday mornings and more.

Even though I loved being ‘alissa’ again, I hated the fact that it was according to someone elses rules- work times, what to do when she was sick, as I had already taken so many days off, and all the other problems we face when being a working mum.

Well, of course, life went on and we adjusted and lived happily ever after. Until I became mum all over again with little Bella. Being on maternity leave I loved the time I got to spent with both my ladies and really started to realise I was not as happy in my job as an events manager as I thought I was as I started to think about all the weekends, extra days and evenings I would soon be back in to. My employer had always been supportive with chloe being off or sick, so it wasn’t that. I just felt like I was missing out on too much and I just needed more ME.

I.M. Izzy Melody

Having had this idea a long time before Isabella was born, I always pushed it to the side as something ‘silly’ that I could not possibly do. I had a good job, a good income, how could I be so ‘selfish’ to give all this up for a dream?

And of course yes, whilst on maternity leave I started seeing the bigger picture. This was ME, this was for my family, not working ‘against’ our lives. It was something that I could give to my girls in later years and something that I was truly passionate about.

In a massive whirlwind of only a few months I went to work to source the right things as I had very specific (I got told many times over that I was ‘Too specific’, but now they have all taken that back!) ideas of what it needed to be. Main points were for example safety- after all, my own baby would use it and I am a mum, how could I not know what was happening at the manufacturers. So it simply had to be UK made and manufactured, also so that I can do my (little tiny) part for our economy. It had to be ‘green’ Not draining any natural resources and packaging made of recycled materials, It had to be ‘easy’ and ‘clean’, (you can Steamsterilise I.M. BabyBangle and it is dishwasher safe) as mums have too much to worry about already. Baby should love it- and they do! AND it had to be beautiful and stylish to wear! After all, us mums deserve no less!

It just had to be ‘perfect’ before I wanted to go ahead.

And here it is. My first collection:

I.M. BabyBangle- Stylish. Sterile. Soothing. The true musthave teething toy and accessory for Baby AND Mum.

My 3rd Little baby born. www.izzymelody.co.uk

And I couldn’t be any more proud.. And so is my family.

I.M. Mum- an Izzy Melody Mum- with an I.M. BabyBangle..

Alissa xxx

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