Huggybelt Review

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Huggybelt Review

Huggybelt Review

We were delighted to be offered a new safety product to review and the Huggybelt raise a fair amount of interest from our panel too.
The huggybelt is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard 3 point car seat restraint system, it allows its wearer complete freedom of movement at all times. It sppeared to be a marvellous new product and as you will see, we chose the perfect reviewer to put it through its paces.
Did it live up to our expectations? Here’s what our reviewer, Julie had to say.
The huggybelt has been a godsend for our family. We have a 6 year old daughter who has some sensory issues and the seatbelt has always been one of her trigger points, she hated the way it would feel and God forbid it was twisted. She would constantly try to hold it away from her shoulder and often place it under her arm instead of across her body. This caused a lot of issues and we were constantly worrying about her safety as she was forever playing with the belt to try to get it in a comfortable position.
The huggybelt has completely sorted this out for us. It holds the seatbelt in the correct position and she is comfortable with it on! She never plays with her belt now! I worried when I first saw how it fitted that she would be bothered by the strap going behind her but she isn’t at all. She tells me it feels really comfortable!
It is very simple to fit, and comes with basic but clear instructions with images. It feels really secure when in place and I am so pleased that I can now relax knowing she is belted in safely and will remain so for the entire journey.
Great product! 5/5

Huggybelt is available online but also from Halfords, Tesco and Amazon.





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