How we won* the lottery


How we won* the lottery

How we won* the lottery


I remember with fondness, the launch of the UK lottery in the back in 1994. Everyone was talking about it and I didn’t know anyone who hadn’t bought at least one ticket. I sat with my family and we decided which numbers we would use, we spent ages cutting up numbers pieces of paper like raffle tickets and taking it in turn to pick out our own numbers, strangely we all picked out number 49, couple this with the massive hype created by the Lottery PR team, we (along with millions of others) firmly believed we were going to win. We didn’t. But we had fun planning what we would do with our winnings.

Since then I’ve never had a problem with my own family playing the lottery. It’s technically betting which I wouldn’t like my children to be hooked on but the lottery can be a fun family activity.

This Christmas we had a family go at it again, you know that lull in the Christmas holidays after boxing day but before New Year’s Eve? I don’t know about you but that time always seems to fall a little flat. This year we started talking about winning the lottery after my son had found a fascinating video on youtube about people who had won the lottery and lost it all, it was interesting to see what had happened to these poor people. Literally poor now after being so wealthy. But it sparked a conversation about how we would spend a large amount of money that we may come into, whether winning it or finding it…or any other reason.



I’m delighted to report that my family would opt for both investing for the future and creating a holiday village for less advantaged children and families, complete with petting farm and riding school. We even went as far as finding an appropriate rural farm that was for sale and mentally redeveloping it!

Historically we’ve used the website to play the national lottery direct but this time we hopped online and created a Lottoland account. There are so many lotteries worldwide, and you can bet on the numbers of any of them right here. Interestingly you’re not actually buying a ticket with the actual lottery provider, you are betting on the numbers of that draw, but it is Lottoland who payout by matching the prizes of each tier, including the jackpot, that each official lottery operators pay out. It is as though you had won with an official lottery ticket. So in that respect, there’s no difference in using Lottoland, but additionally, they can offer benefits such as free bets, and special jackpots that they individual promoters are unable to offer.

So we went for the Irish Lottery, firstly because my grandmother was Irish, secondly there’s that luck o’ the Irish and thirdly it was really easy to play.

The odds of winning on the Irish Lottery are 1 in 29, which is quite good. The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 10 million, which, compared to other lotteries, isn’t too bad.

Draws take place every Saturday and Wednesday at 8pm. It costs £2 to play which offers a jackpot of a minimum of £1.4million, and for another 50p you get another 2 chances to win; the plus 1 and plus 2 draws, which gives you a chance to win £360k and £180k respectively.

We chose our numbers, strategically of course, and then we went into positive thinking mode to help us win. We did win on that one! Not a huge amount but it meant we could play again a few more times. More than anything, we had lots of fun with it and gave us something to look forward to at that quite time over the holidays.

We also placed a single bet on the Powerball – the biggie from America where someone once won a Billion, yes a Billion pound! Didn’t win…




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