How to talk to Journalists – sending products for review

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How to talk to Journalists – sending products for review

So how should you follow up with a journalist after sending products for review?

A magazine editor recently asked for samples of products from one of our Premium Members. She was duly sent the products and the member has since asked twice for feedback on her products, which as we know is important for testimonials, but she’s not getting a reply. What would you do in her situation?

Here’s some responses from other members of the group, we hope it helps you in some way and if you have any comments to add, please do.

I think these people deal with a lot of products being sent their way, so they get snowed under with samples but I agree with you that it is a little rude. I have also had a problem with editors saying my product will appear in a newspaper and then them not running the article. I keep trying though as I think this is brilliant and I know it works for a lot of ladies.


You may find you’ve been mentioned without them telling you, have you set up Google alerts on your business name? That will help you to know who’s talking about you online. Worth a try as it’s free.


I think they’re very busy people who don’t always get the final say on what appears in the publication or when it goes in. Hope it does make it into print so you don’t feel it’s a “lost cause” as she’s probably not being rude, but planning to use it later?


I would email again especially as they would have settled into the New Year by now, but also think if you leave it too long between emails then you drop off their radar.


I feel like I’m pestering editors if I email them again. Does anyone else feel that way? I think they do keep you in the back of their minds if your product is good. I was once turned down for a feature on my wedding badges, but the editor bought all her hen night badges from me several months later.


What if, as a way of getting feedback, you offer them another product? Perhaps say something like ‘I sent you product x back in whenever, would you also like to review our complimentary product y …’ followed by an intro. If you get a response then it’s your in to get feedback on product x and potentially another product but if you get no response then perhaps it’s time to waste no more energy and move on.


I think dealing with journalists is the same as marketing, you have to work out which buttons to press. I love that part of running a business. Just like your customers, try to build relationships with them. So they like you.


Totally agree Jane we only do business with people we like don’t we as a general rule, whether big shops or the lady in the playground. It’s a case of reminding them you are there & one day it’ll be the right place right time, don’t drop off their radar, but don’t stalk just keep it relevant. I’ve found that with my newsletters I don’t sell to my subscribers ever, I keep them informed and then over time they just buy when they are ready. Like Know Trust.


I agree. Newsy emails are great but hard sell ones are rubbish. I tried it by offering 20% off in an email and got just 2 sales. On my next news email I told people about my new free downloadable party invites that match some of our badges and told people to spread the word that no purchase was necessary. I tacked the same 20% off in a footnote and got 57 sales out of it.


Very common as you say the journos are so busy. At the end of the day their job is write and fill the page not to respond to the hundreds of releases and samples they receive very week. The editorial assistant is a good one to try (kind of like a group helper to the editorial team). Worth seeing if there are different products they need. If all else fails, try going to their editor. Try and stay patient.

And finally…

“I’ve just had proof a lot of editors are really lovely & take time to get back to you. I got some lovely feedback on my badge samples from the FrostMagazine who have featured them in their online blog.”

See it is worthwhile!

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