How to re-cycle your Yoga Mat


How to re-cycle your Yoga Mat

Do you have an old yoga mat gathering dust in the spare room?… Are you a regular yoga devotee and just replaced your tired old mat with the latest high tech one? Don’t send your old mat to the rubbish tip, there are plenty of ways you can re-cycle your mat to be useful again!

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  1. Cut out shapes, letters, and numbers for kids to play with. Bath and pool toys, masks, costumes, craft items
  2. Cut a square for protecting the table from play doh or paint
  3. Cut under cat or dog bowl so they don’t slip
  4. Make a colourful bulletin board.
  5. Cut out easy-to-wipe placemats or coasters.
  6. Cut out floor protector pads and glue onto furniture legs.
  7. Use a small piece as a jar opener/gripper.
  8. Line drawers and kitchen cupboards to prevent slipping.
  9. Make a homemade laptop case. Cut to the right size and glue with a hot glue gun.
  10. Cut out knee pads or a mat to make gardening more comfortable.
  11. Turn it into a non-slip mat in the back seat of the car for pets, or in the trunk for groceries.
  12. Use as a floor runner beneath carpets to prevent slipping.
  13. Use as an extra sleeping mat or in place of an air mattress when camping.
  14. Place in front of your tent as a makeshift doormat and a place to put on shoes.
  15. Make a mouse pad.
  16. Cut into the shape of a seat cushion to add extra padding to chairs.
  17. Smother weeds in the garden with it before planting seeds (same as using newspaper).
  18. Use as portable seating at sporting events and picnics. Use in place of a towel at the beach.
  19. Donate to an animal shelter or rescue facility. Old mats can be used to line crates.
  20. Use for packing and shipping fragile items


Or – you could just use it under your new mat for extra cushioning when you come along to a yoga class!


Thanks to Lisa Colclough from Sole 2 Soul yoga who offers yoga classes and personal sessions for adults, kids, baby, aerial and special needs yoga at lovely rural yoga studio in Warwickshire and across other areas.





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