How To Achieve The Correct Work/Home Life Balance As A Busy Mum

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How To Achieve The Correct Work/Home Life Balance As A Busy Mum

How To Achieve The Correct Work/Home Life Balance As A Busy Mum

It’s a wonder busy Mums get anything done in the day when they have to contend with looking after their little ones, working and sharing the burden of housework with a partner.

Childcare costs and long working hours have a major impact on the average working Mum, as they struggle to contend with school holidays, short days and still continue working. For many it is stopping them from even returning to their careers, and this is why, for those who can, it is imperative they achieve the correct work/home life balance. Here’s how:

1. Don’t pressure yourself and delegate

Yes, the bathroom needs cleaning and you have to finish off a pitch for a client at work by tomorrow and your two-year-old is screaming at the bottom of the stairs because they can’t find their left shoe… but that doesn’t mean you need to do all this at once.

Why put pressure on yourself when you can skip the bathroom for the day and let your partner console your little one while you hop on the computer and finish off that important work? There will be plenty of time for cuddles with them later – just be sure it happens.

If you can’t bear the thought of having a messy home, but also don’t have time, you can enlist the help of outside hands, such as Molly Maid domestic cleaning services for example, who will come into your home and leave it spotless – leaving you more time to spend with your children and on work prep.

2. Make time for your kids 

We get it, your career is important, but so are your children. Instead of asking your partner or parents to take care of things set aside time in your day to shut down your computer and make time for them.

Kids notice things and they’ll look back fondly on those moments you stopped everything to make cupcakes with them on a Friday afternoon in half term or when you turned down that meeting away from home to ensure you didn’t miss their school play. Achieving that perfect home/work life balance involves give and take.

3. Trust your gut and don’t dwell on quick decisions

You’re just about to meet with an important client and you get a call from the school to let you know that your daughter fell over at break time and hurt herself. She doesn’t need to go to the hospital but she is a little upset. What do you do?

If it’s not a matter of emergency go to that meeting and comfort your little one later when she gets home. Unless there is a serious injury or blood and broken bones, focus on the task at hand – kids bounce back and you can reward her for being brave.

4. Involve your family

Make a point of telling your family about the work you do and get them interested too, that way if you must give up some of your time to your business or job they will understand because they are invested in it too.

5. Set yourself achievable goals 

Your only goal before 8am is to be ready for work and have the kids dressed and prepared for school. Don’t try to do anymore or you’ll be burned out by the time you start your first task and the kids will probably have some sort of tantrum about getting dressed. Take your time, focus on making them eat cereal and putting on their school uniform the right way round to make things easier for yourself.

6. Mix work and home 

This is a rule that many people will tell you to never adopt but for busy Mums running their own business or working in a competitive industry, sometimes you have to do some sort of work at home. Set up a workstation in the kitchen at the dining table where your little ones will also be doing their homework in the evening and spend some time together while you get stuff done. It kills two birds with one stone and preserves the work/home life balance.

What are your tips for staying sane and achieving the correct work/home life balance as a busy Mum? Share them below!



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