Get £10 off your next order


Get £10 off your next order

£10 off your next order


Our good friends at Thyme have given us a special code to get £10 off your next order.

Take  look at our reviews here and here, then use the code while it’s still live – you have until the end of May!

Our reviews focused on the best selling smoothie variety box which came with 30 frozen and blender ready mixed fruit & veg packets including:


  • Banana Armour x 3
  • Absofruitly x 3
  • Share your Passion x 3
  • Cococabana x 3
  • All Hail Kale x 3
  • Green Defender x 3
  • Energy Currant x 2
  • Ah-Say-Ee x 2
  • Purple Rain x 2
  • Pump Up The Beet x 2
  • For Beauty’s Shake x 2
  • Get Up & Go Go x 2

Use code “MUMSCLUB” to get £10 off your next order at !



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