Father’s Day Gift guide 2017


Father’s Day Gift guide 2017


Father’s Day Gift guide 2017

What do you buy a Dad who’s got everything? Yes, we were stuck again too! So as ever, we’ve found some great gift ideas for all budgets, from safety technology to smellies…

in more ways than one…

Enjoy our helpful ideas and happy shopping.

And don’t miss our competition to win a fantastic security device below!



Y-Cam Protect portable alarm system

£149.99 from www.y-cam.com

A fantastic cost effective alarm solution, the Y-cam, has been a leader in smart home security since 2007. Paricularly suited to a DIY Dad to enjoy, the Y-cam comes with everything he’ll need to keep either the home or holiday home secure and protected. What a great item to take on holiday! It can monitor your property, delivering peace of mind no matter where you are as it can be used in many different locations, and scenarios. It’s battery run so there’s no cables, you won’t need to drill anything, it’s solution straight out of the box.

He can arm or disarm it from his smartphone, as well as manage the sensors, so providing he has a good mobile signal down on the beach he can monitor the holiday home at any time and receive any alarms that the sensors may pick up because it can run on mobile networks as well as wifi.



Oaxis WatchPhone Tracker

The WatchPhone is now available on Oaxis.com for just £99.99 with free worldwide shipping.

Safety watches have really come on recently and the award winnning Oaxis are leading the charge! We think this winning combination of  a watch and GPS will appeal to all parents, and Father’s Day presents a great opportunity to let Dad lead the charge in keeping an eye on the little ones. Available in black, bright blue or pink, the OAXIS WatchPhone is currently the only children’s wrist phone which tracks, protects and allows real communication with children.

Compatible with all UK networks, 3G data makes two way communication very easy. It works in two ways; allowing children to keep in touch with parents and also allows parents to check their child’s location with the built in GPS location tracker. Your child won’t even know that you’re checking in on them. You can even specify safety zones so that should your child wonder outside of your zone, you’ll be sent an alarm.

But should they need help, there’s a simple one touch SOS Send distress signal that sends an instant alert, straight to Dad’s (or mum’s) phone. Additionally, it provides interactive fun (and education!) with a built in pedometer, emoji’s, text messaging and calls to preset numbers, all at their fingertips. Its touchscreen makes it easy to use and the images are so life like, the kids will love it. You don’t have to worry about that kids-having-a-mobile-phone debate, or then, whether they have forgotten to take it, or have they lost their mobile worries. It’s a watch so it’s on their wrist! Oh and it’ll last about 60 before needing a charge, fabulous.

Watch a video HERE with more information on WatchPhone.



Blink Home Security Camera

from £129.99 – blinkforhome.co.uk 

Dad’s love a bit of technology and we were delighted to learn about this simple to use, and battery powered home security and monitoring system. Dad can check on the property, and the family while he’s away. It’s a watchful eye, made possible by a simple, single click on a smart phone app. And the batteries last for 2 years, yes, 2 years!

We love this because there are no wires to ruin your decor, it looks great on the mantelpiece and it’s practically a plug-in-and-you’re-off set up. And being a hi-tech watchful eye, it monitors with both motion and temperature sensors…. which is really good for letting you know if you’ve left the heating on! Should you ever receive an alarm – which may not necessarly be from an intruder, it could be a moth, or your dog’s antics may cause a push notification alert.

The HD quality video will be sent to your smartphone, instantly showing you the cause of the alarm, whether it’s someone at your door, an intruder, your teenager partying with the rest of year 10, or simply your pup wanting some attention. Wherever you are you’ll have an eye on what’s going on at home, whether you’ve been sent an alert, or you want to take a live view. A great gadget!

We think peace of mind has no price tag, but we were impressed to learn that this home security system starts at just £129.99 – a very well priced option.

Fuze Coding Kit

£99.99 from www.fuze.co.uk

FUZE T2-D powered by Raspberry Pi Version 3

Now yes, this is technically a kid’s present BUT as parents we think FUZE is the type of *toy*every electronic enthusisatic child all wishes they could have grown up with, which makes it a fantastic gift idea for a modern Dad. It teaches you to code, and Dad will be able to do this with the kids, or alone to get them all coding very quickly. Computer programming is being taught within the UK school curriculum already and children are expected to learn to code using text based programming languages which is what Dad (with the kids) will be learning too… Dad will be able to help with homework both at Primary school (KS2) and through to the developing secondary school level homework headaches that he’ll have coming.

Opening the box, you instantly think wow this looks amazing, you’re looking at a self contained programming and electronics workstation and it’s a really cool piece of kit. We know that the internet is the future, computing devices are being woven into our lives more and more, we are almost dependant on our devices. Luckily kids take to it so easily but for our generation, we could get left behind with what’s coming, and who knows what that is? A technology kit like FUSE can help even the lesser tech savvy person grasp an understanding of what’s going on, and what the kids are already learning. After all it’s our kids who are going to be responsible for technologcal developments so what a better gift for Dad than to be a part of that developing knowledge?

And it’s simple to get started with – take it out the box, switch it on, follow the instruction from the projects inside and you’ll be learning to code!

It’s proven to be able to teach all ages of all understanding. It will engage and excite the programing Dad, and help to keep that mind sharp by develop problem solving, and digital skills. They say the sky is the limit but it really is when you can code and once you’ve completed all the projects included in the box, you will know how to design, write and code your own games and programs, he’ll be creating electronic projects, making a robotics controller, playing games like minecraft, making security systems, his own games… you name it. If he can write the code he can make it happen.

The box includes:
Raspberry Pi Version 3, FUZE Case, Keyboard, FUZE IO board + analogue, USB Hub and power supply, 8GB MicroSD Card – pre-loaded with OS and FUZE BASIC and Solder-less Breadboard.


Terrallion Activit Band & WebCoach Prime Scales

£99 from www.argos.co.uk

Perfect for a fitness enthusias Dad, you can’t help but notice the rise in people wearing fitness trackers in the bid to lead a healthier lifestyle. There seems to be an app for everything these days. Terrallion have come up with a clever integrated concept, which with the correct equipment, will help you to monitor most aspects of your health and record it all, via Bluetooth, on one app.

The main reason people tend to splash out their hard earned cash and invest in a fitness tracker is to loose weight. Our reviewer will be looking at how two of the Terrillion products, the Activit tracker and WebCoach Prime bathroom scales, interact with each other and the app that can be installed on a smart phone.


The Clean Sweep facial brush

£85 from www.magnitone.co.uk

Feedback from a number of married’s tells us that men are turning to beauty products more and more, but it tends to be a borrowed from the wife basis rather than having his own kit. So, we sought out the perfect beauty gift for any chap who likes, or would like to benefit from his own male beauty product.

The Clean Sweep is made for men, by men. It’s a gadget that involves just a 30 second routine with it’s Vibra-Sonic™ technology that will deep cleanse, exfoliate and condition skin. It certainly doesn’t add any notable extra time, it’s just 30 seconds and once you know where to hold it, if your chap is capable he can multi task in that 30 seconds, perhaps glancing at the time, checking the headlines and if you’re lucky chivvying up the kids for school…

It’s waterproof so can be used in the shower, it has a shut off timer in case it’s left on, uses a USB charger so can be charged from a laptop of some tv’s so it’s great for travel – and it’s 6 times more effective than hand washing so that skin will be clean and clear. It was designed to work on bearded faces too.

We think it’s an essential item for our chaps, and yes, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a ladies version too!

Vegas Movie Studio

£39.99 from Vegas Creative Software 

A really simple way to make dad feel like a movie producer with clips of holiday, days out, sports day or just having fun at home. No experience is required with the Vegas Movie Studio so your dad could soon be creating impressive videos from this simple operation with support from the easy to follow interactive tutorials. Our reviewer loved the idea of using it along with the GoPro to make action videos seem more stable. It also comes with Music Maker – a second installation that shows you how to create your own music clips, which is really very cool, meaning you’re not stuck to standard royalty free clips or worrying about using protected music backgrounds – create your own masterpieces!

Colgate ProClinical 250+ Electric Toothbrush

£49.99 (currently half price in Superdrug

The Colgate ProClinical 250+ is great looking, sleek toothbrush that’ll look great in the bathroom plus, thanks to the handy cap, it will be protected when thrown in a gym bag or overnight bag. Our reviewer found it easy to use, convenient and liked being able to walk around (being distracted by) getting the kids ready whilst being reminded every 30 seconds to move the brushing to another quarter of the mouth, and then again to stop when the 2 minutes was up. It’s lightweight, and not bulky like some electric toothbrushes can be, and with its 25,500 strokes per minute, our reviewer reported feeling clean and smooth all day.

GeoSmart Luna Rover

£39.99 from Amazon

Another Dad plus kids activity, again something that shows what a fantastic range of gadgets kids of today have. Imagine kids 30 years ago having access to this? Let Dad *play* with the kids with this fantasic magnetic construction set depicting the Luna Rover. There are 30 robust and colourful pieces of geometric shapes as well as coloured wheels which he can build into a very cool Lunar Rover. A great Dad and kids interactive play. And when they’re done they can take it apart and do it again!

Groov-e Fusion Headphones

£34.99 from Tesco and www.groov-e.co.uk 
Groov-e products are known for quality, style and affordability so if you’re struggling to find your music-mad Dad something cool and affordable for Father’s Day, they are running a special promotion in Tesco stores both nationwide and online until the 21st June, featuring this awseome Retro Series range including a Personal Cassette Player and Recorder, Vinyl Record Player with Built-in Speakers, and Personal CD Player. Any one of these will take your Dad back to his youthful groove with a retro feel but with the addition of modern technology. But we loved the Fusion headphones, vailable in black and gold, they’re top of the range with Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free mic, rechargeable battery, 10 hours’ audio playback and super bass. And! they still come with the good old reliable 3.5mm cable, plug straight in and get going! Groov-e’s Fusion Headphones are a Father’s Day gift to relish.

Rock Rose Gin

£40 from Dunnet Bay Distillery

Rock Rose is a premium Scottish Gin, hand crafted from the very north and a beautiful part of Scotland. Its flavours are from carefully selected local and traditional botanicals, often hand forraged fromcliffs and forests, each flavour is meticulously chosen, by a husband and wife team, for their properties to create the perfect and unique taste.

Our reviewer, a lifelong fan of Gin sampled the 57% Navy strength Rock Rose gin and maintains that gin is best served neat. The idea being that gin makers put so much time and effort into creating their own flavours that you should savour them and not mix them down with tonic waters and that you don’t need to drink as much, just put less in your glass and enjoy it. However due to it’s strength, if you’re not a seasoned gin drinker, this edition may be ideal for mixing cocktails. But with its lovely packaging and attractive ceramin bottle, it makes a great gift.

The Navy strength is a smooth drink, with notable flavours of pine, and lemon sherbert. A gin drinker will appreciate the full range of notes that are experienced by this flavour.

Interesting to note that although they make no claims to this fact, the Rock Rose was once pillaged by the Vikings due their extra strength – they thought it would make them live to 200 years old…

Pirate’s Grog Rum Miniatures Gift Set with Personalised Scroll

£32 from piratesgrogrum.com

Rum, a pirates favourite! Made for a certain palate but those who love it, love it! To let your Dad or Grandad try the brand, these three miniature bottles of Pirate’s Grog are brilliant and make a superb gift, complete with a personalised wax sealed scroll.

The stunning wooden box is handcrafted and includes one of each Pirate’s Grog Rum;

Pirate’s Grog Five Year: Aged in American oak, bourbon barrels for five years then blended on the pirate history rich Caribbean island of Roatán.

Pirate’s Grog No.13: An award winning 13 year aged rum from Central America. Rich and full bodied with notes of apricot, peach, white chocolate and vanilla. This limited edition rum is housed in an award-winning bottle, and has captured the imagination of rum enthusiasts around the globe.

Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum: Perfect for cocktails or on the rocks to appreciate this premium Brazilian coffee infused with the smooth Pirate’s Grog Five year aged rum resulting in a balanced blend with notes of chocolate, caramel and a hint of toffee. 


Castle Brook Vineyard’s Classic Cuvée Wine 

£32 available from Castle Brook online, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer

You may recall that it has long been documented that the MumsClub family, and extended family appreciate a good wine. So when this gem landed in front of us, we were delighted to take it for a tasting. Award winning British wine isn’t something we come across often, but you’ll find this in selected Waitrose and M&S stores as well as various Delis. Produced in Herefordshire’s Wye Valley, it’s a traditionally styled Brut made with champagne grapes to produce a wonderful, stunning wine. with a hint of lemon blossom. The winemakers have incredible attention to detail, from where the vines are planted, they’re located on an ancient roman vineyard which takes advantage of the warm westerly air rising beneath the black mountains. They grow 21 clones  of 3 champagne grape varieties which means they can create superb blends and there’s no wonder they’ve won so many awards. A simply wonderful father’s day gift, that mum will be delighted to share.

Mammut Wallet

£25 from www.mammut.ch

A robust, watertight wallet from the outdoor experts Mammut, sporting a wrap around zip to keep all of Dad’s cash, cards and change safe – perfect for both an active chap who needs to keep it all safe, and a more sedate lifestyler who simply likes a quality, stylish and safe wallet to hand.

It has a folding cash compartment, a zipped pocket for coins, a compartment with a useful viewing window and 7 credit card spaces. It’s made from tough polyester fabric which will help resist all outdoor activity knocks and scrapes!


LifeStraw Personal Water filter

£22.00 from www.cotswoldoutdoor.com 

For active Dads, this is the product he wants but desn’t know he wants it until he’s aware that it’s even been invented. It’s the award-winning LifeStraw Personal Water Filter and can travel with Dad anywhere whether hiking, camping, keeping in the car for emergencies, weighing just 2 ounces and only 9 inches long, he won’t even know it’s there.

But that’s not it’s amazingness, what’s special about this straw is it’s filter, using advanced hollow fiber technology it’s designed to filter out bacteria from contaminated water into safe drinking water, allowing you to efficiently clean up to 1,000 litres of water, without the use of any chemicals or power supply. (It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella).

Simply place one end of the LifeStraw tube into the unclean water and suck it up! Clean water will be filtered to the top of the straw.

PLUS! For each LifeStraw product you buy, one school child in a developing country receives safe drinking water for an entire school year.


Zippo essentials

  • Hand Warmers £20.75 small/£22.90 large (2 year guarantee)
  • Iconic windproof lighter £14.95-£24.95 (lifetime guarantee)
  • Available from www.zippo.co.uk

Zippo are an iconic brand, particularly famous for its original windproof lighter, but Zippo also has a fabulous range of practical accessories who’s quality is easily equal to that of the lighter range. Should the Dad or Grandad in your life have a certain habit requiring the lighter or not, and let’s face it, these robust lighters are always useful to have around for many reasons including camping, candles, Scout trips… but additionally he’ll love any of the other high quality gadgetry available in the range.

We particularly love the handwarmers which are fantastic for the men in your life to take walking or camping trips, or even for standing on the sideline of another weekend football or rugby match. Have cold feet? They’re brilliant for warming up cold feet too on those chilly nights at home watching tv. You simply fill up the filling cup to the relevant level, whether you want it to burn for 6 or 12 hours then carefully pour it into the filling hole on the burner, then replace the burner unit. Let it rest for 2 minutes, and then light it, full instructions are included but it’s really very simple.



£29.00 from Aldi

Good old Aldi! coming up with a fantastic range of cost effective gifts for Father’s Day. Check this fabulousness out… We think this retro-styled Boombox is awesome, bringing back the nostalgia of the 90’s but with modern technology in the form of a built-in microphone, SD card and Bluetooth connectivity, however did we manage without that in the 90’s?! For a Dad who appreciates music, and reliving thier youth, this is a truly cracking device for a 90’s Dad!


Just My Look Man Stuff Smellies

£7.99 from Just My Look

Well we could hardly leave off the smellies could we? We wanted something a little different this year, and found this fantastic range of American inspired products. Great quality and stylish products at great prices too. These are our faves:

£22.90 – The American Crew – The King Classic Kit Bag is a robust wash bag packed with good sized bottles of hair products like the American Crew Fibre to texturise and thicken hair, Alternator Gel for styling with a natural finish, shaving gel rich with vitamins, and a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one which has a really lovely smell to it.

£7.99 – Man Stuff Keep It Clean Gift Set – A fabulous gift set full of luxury products made from 100% natural ingredients. It includes Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Bath Soap an a Face Cloth. It’s a great looking gift set with genuinley usable products.


Crucial Memory

£17.99 from Crucial Memory

Techno Dads, gaming Dads, Business Dads? This is a great, low cost way to give his pc or laptop a higher spec with a big memory upgrade. The thought of installing memory is daunting to most of us but with Crucial Memory, no computer skills are necessary meaning even low level experienced people can upgrade themselves. Fantastic.

If like our reviewer, your Dad’s laptop came with 4gb of memory, he may soon be struggling. Especially if the kids *borrow* his device for gaming – minecraft is a huge memory zapper… But even more seemingly simple applications such as your internet browser can be memory intensive and make everyday tasks result in that human energy zapping lag. Or the lag of death as my gaming teen calls it.

It’s a really simple process too; you download a scanner from the Crucial website which will take a look at your machine and tell you exactly which upgrade options are available for your model. You make your choice and buy direct. All models are included – including Apple computers and MacBooks. It makes upgrading as easy as 1-2-3-404-lol. See what we did there? 🙂


6 in 1 Precision Screwdriver

£14 from www.speedlink.com available to buy at Amazon


SPEEDLINK are a leading brand in computer and video game accessories in Europe, and have a number of products for Father’s Day. Our favourite, and particularly useful to go with the crucial memory is the TAYLOR – 6 in 1 Precision Screwdriver – Making sure Dad always has the right tool to hand with those tiny electronic devices as it’s been designed specifically for precision work. In addition to the choice of 6 bits, it even has a swivel head, making one-handed work much easier, and so the bits are never lost, those pieces are handily kept safe within the screwdriver’s casing.


Bridgedale non-smelly socks

£15.99 from www.bridgedale.co.uk

Oh that fabulous old favourite and staple gift for father’s day – socks. But not just any socks, oh no these Bridgedale WoolFusion® Trekker with CuPED™ Technology are ingenius non-smelly socks! Look, we’re not suggesting you say hey pops, here’s some socks to stop the stink. Regard it instead as an accompanying benefit to some lovely, warm, comfy socks for Dad, or Grandad, that also stop feet from smelling due to the CuPED™ Technology, that has copper ions embedded in its fibres to ensure feet stay fresh. Smelly feet are caused by bacteria but copper is effective against bacteria, and is known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the body… this all helps to reduce fungi and bacteria, and of course those aromas that go with them. Do your Grandma a favour and get your active Grandpa some of these!

Dark Cashmere ‘Manly’ Candles

£15 from www.Landon Tyler.com

Landon Tyler have a lovely range of luxury candles at very affordable prices. Candles are often a woman’s thing but men like candles too so we love this gift idea of a fragrance aimed at the men in our lives. The Dark Cashmere Candle includes patchouli, cedar, clove and cinnamon and really does have a manly aroma but don’t worry it won’t make your home smell like a bachelor pad! They are wonderfully presented in a lovely gift box too, a really lovely gift to open.

The range comes in a 200g single wick and a large 460g triple-wick, each option offering a slow burn, providing hours of aromas.

Top quality diffusers are also available in the collection – a set of 2x 50ml diffusers, and a large 100ml which will keep your home fragranced for at least 3 months.

Hugs and Kisses, SmartGames IQ XOXO

£8.99 from Amazon

We love smart games and this is great fun! And a spot on game for Dad to play with the family. Works well for taking on holiday too. There are 120 challenges within this little box, all of which make you think…a lot. You have to logically work out a strategy to beat your opponents by filling the grid with 10 double sided pieces, leaving a sequence of X’s and O’s. It’s totally addictive and will keep them all quiet all day long! Heaven…



Wasgij puzzles

£12.99 Available from Toys R Us, WHSmith, Hobbycraft and Amazon.co.uk

Oh we love a good jigsaw and we love the idea of getting Dad, or Grandad something that the kids can get involved in too. Our picks for father’s Day are the always-a-winner Wasgij puzzles that can be very addictive! A little like a Netflix boxset, once you pop you can’t stop a good Wasgij becase they never give you the resulting picture, just a few clues for you to piece together. You never know until the end what it’s actually going to look like making it far more difficut!

Both these options are 1,000 piece puzzles, the Celebrity Chief Chef! makes you work out why the judges are so shocked and A Purrrfect Escape! leaves you puzzling how Special Agent Wasgij can distract and escape the guards?

Dorco Classic Razor

From just £8.74 from www.razorsbydorco.co.uk


Is your Dad a wet shaver chap? With 7 precision-aligned blades, the new Dorco Classic razor is a world first! 

Those 7 blades will enable Dad to achieve a close shave in fewer strokes. The blades are denser to reduce irritation, it’s open structure helps rinsing, a honeycomb guard with rubber surface to make a smooth glide over the face.

It looks great too, with a vintage inspired classic design, you’d never know the amount of advanced technology is packed inside. There’s even an advanced lubricating strip with antioxidants from Argan oil and Calendula to sooth sensitive and dry skin, and heal razor burns. Sounds like something mum will want too…

If your Dad has never looked at the innovative Dorco brand before, now is a great time. A great cost effective shaving product, perfect for Father’s Day. It’s launching this summer, so let your pops lead way and set the new trend. Prices for Dorco Classic start from £8.74 and there’s even free shipping for orders over £10.


 With security playing a big part in the year’s gift guide, what would you use a security device for?

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