Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate the men in our life but what happens when you try and find the perfect gift, do you struggle for inspiration? Does the thought of traipsing round the shops fill you with complete dread? Well the Mumsclub team have been tirelessly searching on your behalf, we have trawled the internet and found the very best on the market.





Fathers Day Gift Set

– £24.99 – letterboxgiftshop.com

If you are looking for the perfect selection of luxury British gifts to send to a special Dad this Father’s Day, that is beautifully presented and designed to fit through the letterbox, then the Letter Box Gift Box Shop is the perfect destination. They have created the perfect Father’s Day Gift Box which includes: English Oak ‘Man Cave’ Key Ring, Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar, Handsome Hands Hand Cream, Father’s Day Milk Chocolate Bar and Chilli Sea Salt Cork Bottle which for a price tag of £24.99 makes an affordable and thoughtful gift. The added bonus is that you can get it delivered straight to his letter box too!


Hot Headz Hot Sauce Box from Toxic Fox

– £29.99 www.toxicfox.co.uk

If the man in your life is hot stuff or you want to spice things up a little (not like that!!), then watch their taste buds explode with pain and pleasure as they taste some of the finest hot sauces. This beautifully presented gift set from Toxic Fox includes 5 fab hot sauces but it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Box Contents:  

1 x Hot Chilli Mustard
1 x Smoked Chilli and Garlic Hot sauce
1 x Son of Satans Sweat – Naga Chilli Sauce
1x Naga Chipotle Sauce
1 x Who Dares Burns – Hot Pepper Sauce

If your man likes to give his food a little kick then it is a perfect gift but just make sure that you don’t give it to someone of a slightly delicate disposition! (Our review panel can testify to these sauces definitely leaving you feeling hot hot hot …. And they don’t recommend trying them off a spoon either!!)


Emie Memo Power Bank

– $39.99 en.emie.com

There is nothing more frustrating than your phone or tablet running out of battery and most parents will know that when children “borrow” your phone to play games or videos, then the battery life runs out fairly quickly. We were therefore a little excited to learn about the Emie Memo, a powerful portable charger with a fresh geometric design that can charge phones, tablets, portable speakers and more. The Emie site is not based in the UK but can be ordered easily from the website and shipped to the UK, $39.99.

Size wise it is similar to an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S 5/6 and the battery pack comes with a single usb cable for charging both the power bank and any device that accepts a micro-usb for charging. It is reasonably priced and cool looking, which makes it an ideal Fathers Day Gift for the tech savvy Dad.


Eyejusters £69


We all know someone who needs to wear reading glasses so we were interested to learn that Eyejusters have launched, smart, yet convenient, adjustable focus reading glasses for dads and grandads who are always busy with work and hobbies! We are told that by using cutting-edge lens technology, Eyejusters allows you to change the lens power yourself with a discreetly hidden dial – banishing the need for multiple pairs of reading glasses! Want to surf the web on a tablet? Just twist the dial to bring the screen into focus. Reading your favourite newspaper? Roll it back. So do they work? Our review panel felt that the Eyejusters would be a popular choice for those that may have just started noticing that reading is getting a little tricky but are not yet ready to get their eyes tested. All you need to is turn the screws to allow the lenses to adjust independently of each other and in turn allows them to more closely match the individual wearer’s needs. As with anything new, they take a little getting used to but with Eyejusters being available in 17 colours in four different designs from stainless steel to acetate, covering a generous close-up range of +0.00 to +3.00 D, there is a design to suit every style and taste.


Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer

£49.99 – from all good retailers

With beards being big fashion for men at the moment, the man in your life will be delighted with the Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer. The Braun Beard Trimmer gives you exact length and precise contours the two fundamentals of any look. Whether you want to achieve designer stubble or trim your full beard, two detachable trimming combs provide the flexibility you need. Well that’s what the sales blurb tells us and as none of the MumsClub Team actually cultivate a beard we had to enlist the help of a willing male participant. We are told that it cuts without snagging and gives good clean beard shaping. It is solid and well made and this model comes complete with a small bottle of lubricating oil for the blades, a cleaning brush and a travel bag to keep everything in.


TrackR Bravo

– $29.99 www.thetrackr.com

How often does your Dad misplace his keys or mobile phone? Then the TrackR Bravo could be an ideal gift choice this Father’s Day. The TrackR Bravo is around the same size as a 10 pence coin and uses Bluetooth-low energy that connects to a smartphone app and operates on a replaceable battery that lasts for up to a year. The device is extremely thin and can easily fit inside a wallet or attach to your keys and the bonus part is that the app setup waas so easy to do. So when Dad loses his keys, instead of sending everyone around the house looking for them, simply go to the app, press the ring button and your keys start beeping. It’s the gift that keeps giving!


Giant Upside Down Wine Glass

– £12.99 www.libertytrading.co.uk

There is a rumour that the MumsClub team are partial to a glass of wine but we know a number of men that enjoy a large glass of red wine at the end of the day or with an evening meal so we were a bit excited to get the chance to review the Upside Down Wine Glass. We can’t wait to see the look of astonishment on our guests faces as their wine appears to suspend in the air. The best part about it …. The glass holds a full bottle of wine, which is a winner in anyone’s book!


Luxury hand crafted socks from Italy

from £12  – www.40colori.com

I was so excited when I saw these socks – I loved the way they looked, and as the household sock provider I was hoping they’d also go down well with my sock-fussy husband. No need to worry – he was a real fan. He particularly liked the flower design pair and mentioned how comfortable they were. As the director of a small creative business himself, he was delighted to hear the story of the brand, and wants me to choose more pairs for him. This might be the end of the Paul Smith sock era in our house! (And hanging up the washing will be a much more colourful event from now on).


Luxury hand crafted father & son bow tie set

£34 – www.40colori.com

We loved this cute and out of the ordinary gift set for a Father from a son – this 100% Silk matching father & son Bow Ties from 40 Colori.  It is a high quality gift, handcrafted in Lake Como and presented in beautiful packaging and is overall super cute!

For a particularly dapper father and son we think this is one of those gifts that will be cherished for years to come, and be brought out for those special occasions.

 And last but by no means least…

MegaDad unique personalised book

£9.99 from Borngifted

My first impression of BornGifted was a very positive one; my personalised copy of MegaDad arrived on my doorstep in little over 24 hours from placing the order – fantastic turnaround!   The MegaDad book is bright and colourful in a comic book style.  Every page is personalised with the child’s name keeping them alert and on the look out to spot their name as you read together.  The story follows the day to day life of a super hero MegaDad who stops doughnuts falling off a bridge on his way to work and the child’s beloved cuddly toy from causing havoc.  The story is funny and easy to follow – Jonathan was left wondering what his daddy does on the way to work.  The illustrations are detailed and eye catching.  I can see MegaDad becoming the most read book in our house.  MegaDad is only £9.99 for the paperback version and £16.99 if you chose hardback.  I really like the way the paperback version almost feels like a comic book.  It takes me back to my childhood.  Great book BornGifted, thank you.


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