Everdine Gourmet Food review

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Everdine Gourmet Food review

Everdine Gourmet Food review

We were delighted to be sent a sample of Everdine’s new subscription service, which could possibly create the healthiest business mum in the country… me! Oh and before I go any further, we have a generous £30 discount code to pass on too (IN1MUMSCLUB).

Working from home, one thing I am guilty of is being in front of the computer for most of the day, usually grazing rather than eating lunch. No surprise that I recently posted a self-pop graphic along the lines of “no wonder she’s a bit plump”. But let me ask you, what self employed person working from home actually takes an hour lunch break or ever takes time to prepare a daytime meal? There’s no time for that surely?! A quick roll or sandwich, and if I’m honest, cereal has been lunch for me on many occasions so I was intrigued to hear of a subscription service that provides clean eating gourmet meal plan, delivered to my door. In fact I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Before it’s arrival I did think of meals on wheels… Pass my slippers and cardie. But I forgot all about that when the first delivery arrived; no resemblance at all. These meal boxes from Everdine have been created by chef’s trained in Michelin-starred restaurants. They are hand made too; to be clean, wholesome, freezable and delicious, containing the best ingredients and I’m delighted to read they use sustainably sourced meat & fish.

Let me make one thing clear about me, I don’t have time for cooking. Lunchtime cooking is just non existent – sometimes I don’t even dry my hair, or I may even leave hair rollers in all day. No time at all. Evening meals is when as a mum I kinda have to make an effort but a slow cooker takes the heat off me somewhat. My son’s favourite meal, and what is considered a real treat, is lasagna. It so time consuming though! Which inevitably means good, gourmet food just doesn’t happen very often.

But I do like healthy food and food that’s a little different, and I always like to introduce my mini-me to new tastes so I was hopeful that Everdine could well be a great new treat for the family as well as me.

Ordering & Packaging

Ordering is completed online, where you’re able to specify a classic or veggie option, or their chef’s recommendations. You can have 8 or 12 meal plans, opt for weekly, 2 weekly or more delivery times – depending on the side of your freezer really! Luckily I have a fairly large freezer and as I was hungry at the time of ordering I wanted it all at once!


The parcel of 8 arrived by courier, in a large box that was beautifully packed and frozen. The boxes are insulated with natural sheep’s wool so it arrived frozen, and stayed frozen. I was concerned that I wasn’t at home to take delivery so my initial thought was that they would be defrosted by the time I got back however, when I opened them up, they were still frozen solid so happily they could all go straight into the freezer.


What you get

The instructions show that they are generally suitable for microwave-heating in only around 10 minutes, this was awesome; throw one in the microwave and just 10 minutes later it was ready. I loved that.

Meals I had were Spaghetti bolognese, Butternut squash risotto, Prawns and miso, Moroccan Chicken Tagine, Lamb Kofta, Beef & Beetroot Bourguignon, lamb Chops with Feta, Cajun Salmon but there’s a lots to choose from.

The meat and fish in all of the meals was beautifully tender and full of flavour, the meat melted in the mouth and was quite delicious. 

My tender palette wasn’t too compatible with some of the spicier meals but next time ordering I would know which ones not to buy for me. I may even try the vegetarian option which I love the look of.

The Spaghetti Bolognese was a pleasant surprise; having vegetables in it was super, and very much added to the flavour. I may do this with my own spag bol in future…

My favourite dish was the butternut squash risotto; the balls of butternut squash were lovely and impressively not soggy which can happen with some frozen vegetables. Again, it was full of taste and flavour and I thoroughly enjoyed this for lunch.

They come well presented in cardboard boxes which you can eat straight out of, or you can transfer to a plate at home. Unless you’re careful you’re unlikely to keep the presentation. It’s not like it’s a curry that you just thrown on top of rice, presentation adds to the flavour somehow so and speaking from experience, I wouldn’t recommend transferring it. It works perfectly well left in the box!


The prawns and miso were a close second, if I’m honest I wasn’t sure what miso was but it worked well with this meal and was very enjoyable. I had to google Miso after and found that it’s a fermented Japanese soya food made from cereal grains and whole soya beans, it has friendly bacteria and acts like a digestive tonic, and can promote health and stamina. You’re welcome.


I wondered if there would be an after taste that comes with some convenience meals, but likely to be because of the high grade ingredients used and no artificial flavours, that there was none at all, I was very impressed with this.

I absolutely love the idea of receiving meals in this manner, it’s one less thing to worry about and you know you’re eating good food that keep you going all day. It’s quick, easy and perfect for anyone health conscious or not, and make a fantastic change from a sandwich (or cereal!) and as they’re filling I didn’t need to graze at all – as you may know that working from home there’s a fridge all too close!


We have a £30 discount if you want to try it out for yourself, just enter the code  IN1MUMSCLUB.


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