EL VOYAGE scarf review

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EL VOYAGE scarf review

I was like an over excited child waiting for Christmas Day when opening my parcel, who doesn’t love a scarf, right, I wouldn’t like to mention how many I own, but I will just say I have a box full in varying lengths, colours, thickness and styles and always looking to add more to my collection.  I love how versatile a scarf is and how it can change a look of an outfit so easily.  It is one piece of clothing in which I’ll indulge.

My first impression on unpacking my EL VOYAGE scarf was how luxurious and soft it was with a lovely weight, on unfolding it I was surprised how large the scarf was, after finding a tape measure, it measures an amazing 70″ L X 10″ W.


I knew it would make a perfect accessory to an outfit that I had marked to go to the theatre.

It had been a warm sunny day knowing that there would be an evening chill when we came out of the theatre, as it is March, and not wanting to take a coat, this would make a perfect accessory.   I wasn’t disappointed; it kept me perfectly warm afterwards.

This scarf is so versatile, worn with a military style coat and jeans the next day which also worked perfectly too,

There are three colours in this range,  grey, yellow and coral, the latter is the one I received.  The Coral is a warm and vibrant, with blue and olive green running through it.  It is 100% tree silk from India, foot-loom woven in Guatemala, in fact here is a link to see how these scarfs are weaved.  https://youtu.be/LQit3bF_UwM quite wonderful,  I think you will agree.

I think you will also be impressed with the background of the company EL YOYAGE and the work they do.  Taken from the EL VOYAGE Website; EL VOYAGE weavings is a high end collection of handwoven scarves for the stylish shopper seeking individuality whilst empowering small, local producers to join in the global marketplace. The meticulously crafted weavings help the greater good through the belief of the art of living and giving.  You can find out more about EL VOYAGE   http://www.elvoyage.com


Thanks to reviewer Kate Saunders from Blackberry Cottage – Cakes with a secret ingredient.










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