Easter Gift Guide 2016


Easter Gift Guide 2016

The Alternative Easter Gift Guide

It’s Easter! That fabulous time we use as an excuse for chocolate! But for our kiddies, there’s  more to life than stuffing their little cheeks with that wonderful cocoa product, details of which are outlined in our Easter Egg Challenge – go take a look!

In the meantime here’s our pic of a few alternative items that we promise will still create smiles and fun with your family.


Dr Zigs Extraordinary Pocket Bubble Kit

£10 available at www.drzigs.com

You can’t really go wrong with Bubbles, they fit practically every reason for gift buying, and work year after year too as you can keep buying accessories – the gift that keeps on giving. So everything you need to create truly HUGE bubbles on the go comes in this fabulous portable kit that will occupy and entertain the little and big kids at the drop of the hat.


Easter Baking Set from Coming up Roses

£8.99 www.cominguprosesnozzle.com

How about this for an alternative Easter gift? Help your kids create stunning cakes and cupcakes effortlessly and quickly.

The Coming Up Roses Nozzle is a perfectly designed piping nozzle that instantly creates beautiful 10 petals roses. You simply place the nozzle in any piping bag, fill with buttercream or cream cheese icing and pipe away, kids will love this!

It is surprisingly easy, all you have to do is take care to make the buttercream stiff enough to create your roses, otherwise the petals will collapse as you pipe.


Easter Nail Decals

£4.99 from HoobyNooWorld

Created from HoobyNooWorld original illustrations, these cute bunny nail decals in paste spring colours are the perfect Easter accessory, and a cute  alternative to chocolate. A whopping 63 nail transfers come in this pack – in a variety of sizes to suit different sized nails.

There are five different coloured bunnies in pastel colours, you can either have full sets or mix and match.


The Tidy Books Box for toddlers

£79.  Available at Tidy-books.co.uk and in John Lewis

We love this idea as perhaps a grandparent to buying for grandchildren who have tons of gift to organise. Let the easter bunny buy eggs and be the supplier of this stylish and portable book box from British brand Tidy Books.

It’s design makes it easy for toddlers to pick out picture books (and toys) by themselves, and grow their love of reading and self entertainment. A brilliant gift for babies and toddlers.


Slamwich Game

£14.50 from Double-Flip

Hilarious fast and furious game, based on getting three cards in a row to make a sandwich. What a better way to spend an easter afternoon after filling up on chocolate and sweets?

Slamwich has been a best seller for 20 years! You flip and stack the giant loaf of cards to build ‘slamwiches’ and ‘double-deckers’ – get there first and win the pile, but along the way you’ll have to catch the thieves and stop meddling munchers.  Collect all the cards and you are a Super Slamwich winner!


Personalise Easter Bunny

£16.99 from Born Gifted

My little one has had custom teddy’s in the past, and all the thought has usually gone into the personalisation and not very much into the quality of the teddy/ stuffed animal. I’m very pleased to say that this certainly isn’t the case with this lovely bunny from Born Gifted. In fact, it’s probably one of the best quality I’ve seen. The fur is so soft and the little creature is exceptionally well put together. The bunny’s t- shirt is nothing but adorable, and the personalisation is tastefully done. This is a much better option for little present for my daughter on Easter, rather than just chocolates. It’s a lovely keepsake that she can continue to enjoy long after the sweets and chocolates have disappeared.

Rabbit in a carrot

£5.99 from Born Gifted

Another fantastic gift from Born Gifted, we were immediately drawn to the cuteness factor of this gorgeous Rabbit in a Carrot by Teddykompaniet. It’s a lovely bright, plush orange carrot with a green felt top and gift tag. Undo the zip to reveal an adorable baby rabbit, complete with fully embroidered features . It’s just lovely and perfect for an Easter gift. Interestingly the rabbits come in 2 colours but you don’t know which colour will be ‘born’ until you unzip the top of the carrot!


Simnel Cake from Blackberry Cottage

Price £11.50 including P&P – www.blackberrycottagefayre.co.uk

Simnel Cakes from Blackberry Cottage were originally a Mother’s Day Cake but over the years it has been developed into a wonderful Easter Cake.

With a yummy layer of marzipan through the middle of the fruit cake as well as on top, and with 11 marzipan balls, representing the 11 disciples minus Judas all make up this 550g cake. Finished with pretty ribbon, it makes a lovely, subtle representation of the origins of Easter and a perfect alternative gift.


Ferroro Easter chocolate bunny

From £5 at all good retailers

We just can’t leave chocolate out of an Easter gift guide – it’s not an egg at least. So here’s the offering from the national treasure; Ferrero. A bunny shaped box filled with those sumptuous little Ferrero Rocher balls. Love them! Needless to say a box of these in the MumsClub office never lasts long. Bellissimo.



Looking for chocolate? Take a look at the 2016 Easter Egg challenge – the results are in!

Easter Egg challenge



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