Dodopad Diary 2017 Review


Dodopad Diary 2017 Review

The MumsClub office are proud owners of a paper diary, for us it’s a must to be able to see, written down what’s happening today, what’s coming up, as well as any quickly scribbled reminders, rather than have them  hidden away within an app on a device. Being able to look back quickly, to write notes is imperative for us, and as one reviewer says, your diary becomes your friend, your soul mate – we couldn’t agree more.

We love our diaries and if you enter our comp below you could be the proud owner of a 2017 DodoPad too 🙂

We sent some MumsClub Premium Members a copy each to review, here’s what they think too:

In a world where most people keep their diaries and organisers in their mobile phones, iPads etc, my family think I am quirky at keeping a paper diary and organiser.

But there is something really special when you are choosing your diary for the coming year, endless questions when you stand in front of shelves of these little books waiting to be filled; has it enough space? Is it pretty, practical? Are there too many pictures? The questions for me are unending, because after all it is going to be your pal, your best friend for the whole year; you have to make the right decision, right?

When I look back over my diary for the previous year, one thing I notice is that I have endless doodles in there, probably as I am always on the end of the phone making appointments/playdates/waiting to be connected, and whilst I am waiting I tend to sit and doodle, I’m sure you do this too don’t you? Also I noticed the mass of notes, which tend to spread over several pages.

So when I was offered a chance to review the 2017 Dodo Pad, I jumped at the chance.  I know that this will be my new “BBF” well my best friend 2017 anyway.

A combined dairy, doodle, memo, message, engagement, organiser, calendar and book all rolled into one.  There is everything you could possibly want and more.

Let’s start at the beginning… so once you have purchased your new dairy and you are feeling really pleased that you have found your soulmate for the coming year; it is time to fill it in.

The Dodo-Pad has enough space for 5 family members, or for us it is our 4 family members and our animals (dog, cats, horses, sheep, chickens, turkeys).  The people at Dodo-Pad say that their organiser has been printed on “paper specially treated to be written on legibly in pencil, ball-point, quill pen, crayon, lipstick, or blood”!!!! And yes I have tried these (all accept the blood) and they are right.

What I love…… the little corner tear offs, fun sayings and quotes, the space, the doodle areas on the left side, the ideas how to use the organiser, the fab little wallet at the back to keep handy leaflets/party invited in, the forward planner, all to make my next year of planning much easier.

The guys at DodoPad have thought of everything, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect it; this year is their 51st anniversary.

Well done Dodo Pad…. Here is to the next 50 years.

Kate Saunders, Blackberry Cottage – Cakes with Secret Ingredients

Just days into the New Year and thanks to the new Dodo Pad, we’re so far nailing our New Year’s resolution to become more organised as a family…!

I run my own business, my husband has a busy job in London and our 2 children have increasing number of commitments whether at school or socially, and juggling all our various commitments seems to have become an increasing struggle over the past few months. The Dodopad is definitely making a difference. With space for all 4 of us to add our ow personal appointments and plans, it’s easy to see who needs to be where and when as well as highlighting when we may have a potential conflict! We keep it in the kitchen so everyone can easily access it in the morning and evening and everyone is taking the time to add their own plans and to check those of others. With plenty of blank pages to add notes, it’s also becoming a great place to record phone messages and pass on information to each other that we might otherwise have forgotten to share. What’s more, visually it looks fun and therefore appeals to even the youngest family member. With witty sketches, jokes and quotes, it also brings a smile to your face each day!

I love it…. definitely recommended for busy families and those with a hectic lifestyle.

Jo Mackay, Bookings for You

Life can be hectic running my own business, being CEO of a charity and a mum to two. Keeping organised is key to everything running as smoothly as possible and the Dodopad is going to really help in my quest.

I love the fact that each page provides me with an overview of what all of the family are doing on each given day.  It makes it so much easier to check who is doing the school runs and where everybody is at a glance.  I also like the fact that you can tear out the pages once the week is over so you can keep perfect track on where you are up to.  If you prefer to keep the pages there are handy little perforated markers at the bottom of the page that you can use to keep tabs and save flicking through the pages to find the right week.

Forward planning is essential for me so it is good that there is a section of 2018 where you can write key points in for each month ensuring you don’t miss anything when the new year comes along.

The quotes inside are really fun too, my favourite is probably “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back’ by Zsa Zsa Gabor, makes me smile!

Now I just need to encourage my husband to fill it in too and organisational bliss will be ours!

Vicki Dawson; Founder and CEO, The Children’s Sleep Charity

Such a fun diary! I have really enjoyed filling in all my dates for 2017, and can tell this will be a practical diary for the year ahead, as well as a quirky stationery-addict’s fix! There is enough space to input lots of info for a busy mum – with columns for each day that could be used for different members of the family, or for breaking down the day into different times. And there is a page accompanying each week break down for your own scribbles and notes/shopping lists!

Each page is different – with fun illustrations in a muted palette, and snippets of fascinating facts. I particularly love that these nuggets of info are gleaned from the pages of a book – and not picked up from a social media post – it makes me feel wholesome!!

All in all, it’s a winner.

My only slight disappointment was the DodoPad additional product advertising which covered a number of pages in the middle of the book. I’m happy to see there other Dodpad products that are available but I would have preferred to be able to then remove these pages to keep my diary seamless, but they’re printed on the reverse side of the diary pages which I feel is a shame, and rather unnecessary. Otherwise, the perfect diary!

Michelle Lanstone, Auntie Mims


To get your hands on a 2017 DodoPad diary, just enter our competition, we have 6 to give away!



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