Dental Industry Accolade for Inventor Mum

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Dental Industry Accolade for Inventor Mum

A mother unable to find a suitable toothbrush for her baby daughter has won a National Dental Award for innovation.

Dominique Tillen of Brush-Baby Ltd based in Winchester, Hampshire, inspired the development, design and manufacture of a range of dental-care products for babies, toddlers and young children. 

The magazine ‘Dental Hygiene & Therapy’ awarded Brush-Baby Product with the coveted prize praising the merits of Brush-Baby products for its innovation and catering for the niche market of infant dental health, a demographic previously not catered for.

Stocked by Leading High Street Retailers

Major retailers including Boots are now stocking the products which have been featured on ITV 1 ‘Daybreak’, BBC ‘Breakfast’ and Dr Chris Steele’s Health Slot on ITV 1’s ‘This Morning’. The unique features of the products including DentalWipes, with Xylitol in its formulations and ergonomically-designed toothbrushes are ensuring that the products are at the forefront of dental care for the next generation.

The dental award culminates a very successful year for the company with Brush-Baby achieving other prestigious business and product awards including the Nectar Small Business Award for ‘Innovation of the Year’ and Gold product awards from the parenting press.
40% of UK under 5s has tooth decay.

As Dominique explains; “There’s a misnomer that ‘baby teeth’ don’t matter, but this is not the case and parents and dentists now realise that it’s critical to look after both toothless gums and baby teeth. With decay rates in under-fives reaching 40% the Government is now setting targets for reducing decay and cavities in young children and our products are the ideal solution to this problem.”

The key to the success is hard work and belief.

As Dominique continues: “How did I do it? I passionately believe in these products and want to ‘make a difference’. I knew that education and distribution was the key so it has literally entailed ‘knocking on the doors’ of major retailers, explaining the need for infant dental-care products and the gap in the market as well as reaching out to mums and professionals alike.”

Interactive media, social networking and blogging have assisted in fueling demand for the product range. Mummy bloggers have raved about Brush-Baby’s Chewable Toothbrush and support includes some celebrity tweeters!

Dominique continues: “Dental-care essentially starts at home but many new parents are unsure what they need to do. Brush-Baby not only educates parents but it also has the products to help parents provide the best dental-care right from toothless gums through teething and onto brushing and flossing a full set of baby teeth. We get a tremendous reception at the Dental Shows with many dentists saying how pleased they are that at last they have products to recommend to parents.”

Recognition by the dental community and parenting press show that Brush-Baby is right on track providing dental-care of the under 5s up-to-date with major retailers such as Boots getting behind the products. Brush-Baby is set to become a ‘thought leader’ and generic name for infant and young children’s dental-care products. It just goes to prove the old adage that ‘mother really does know best!

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