Classrooms From Around the World in Pictures

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Classrooms From Around the World in Pictures

We all know the importance of education, which is brought home when, as we are, you are looking at schools for the move to secondary school so it’s interesting to see how much education differs around the world. Everyone wants their children to go to school and receive a good education, but sometimes there is no choice and classrooms are adapted to suit the country in which they’re based.

Here we’ve compiled ten different classrooms from various countries, photographed by Julian Germain, and it is amazing to see just how much they vary…



1. Brazil

This classroom features children from very poor families in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. There aren’t many resources and it’s extremely difficult for children here to go to university, though the literacy rate for 15-24 year-olds is 97.8%.

Education BRAZIL


2. Germany

In this Düsseldorf classroom, the children and the room itself look very relaxed. There isn’t a uniform and the walls are decorated with fun graffiti. Down the corridor, a party was going on in another classroom and the teachers were getting involved too.

Education Germany



3. England

This picture shows a typical English classroom. You can see a decent-sized room with two children to a desk, a whiteboard and various colourful boards with educational inspiration. School supplies are provided by companies such as Hope Education.

Education England


4. Ethiopia

Here is a classroom in Gambella Elementary School, Ethiopia. The youth literacy rate is just 44.6% but everyone here is keen to learn. On the day this photo was taken, two of the teachers hadn’t turned up, making for a tricky day.

education Ethiopia


5. Russia

Everyone in this St Petersburg classroom will go onto university. They already look the part, with their designer suits and high heels, and take education very seriously. The youth literacy rate in Russia is 99.7%.

education Russia


6. Bangladesh

It’s clear this school in Bangladesh is strict and regimented, which you can see from the uniforms alone. There is little to inspire the children in the surroundings, but the method adopted here is rote learning where you repeat something until it is remembered.

education Bangladesh


7. USA

America is known for its lack of school uniforms and this shot demonstrates the relaxed look most children go for. They also opt for singular desks, so each child has his or her own work station.

education USA


8. Nigeria

It’s a bit of a squeeze in this Nigerian classroom, where three to four children share each wooden bench. Interestingly, these desks have been donated by a local energy company.

education Nigeria


9. Taiwan

After having lunch with the teacher in the room, these children in Taipei, Taiwan take a 30 minute nap. This is quite common in Asian countries in the workplace too, with the Japanese even giving it a name: Inemuri. They believe it increases productivity.

education Taiwan


10. Saudi Arabia

This kindergarten looks colourful and inviting, with plenty of activities for the kids to get involved in. Pre-primary education is not a prerequisite to go to primary school, but it’s looked at as a great idea by expatriate parents because almost all international schools require a placement test.

education Saudi Arabia


Although these ten classrooms differ greatly, they’ve all got the exact same purpose: to teach children. Which classroom interested you the most?


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