Christmas Gift Guide for kids


Christmas Gift Guide for kids

Christmas Gift Guide for kids

Oh what to cho-cho-choose for the kids this Christmas! Keeping it original is always a challenge but we’ve found some new and fabulous items right here.

And maybe, just maybe, after being woken before the birds, you’ll be allowed some extra zzzz’s before the rest of the adult world wakes up on Christmas morning. Ha!




Sticky Box Car Kit

£15 from

It’s long been a Christmas joke that kids love playing with boxes as much as, if not more than with the presents they get.

Stickibox have cleverly embraced this and created kits that allow children to create their own cardboard box vehicle.  Each kit contains the cardboard box complete with handles, card cut-outs and stickers.  Kids can colour it in to make it completely personal. It’s a fabulous, original gift that will keep the kids busy for hours and hopefully give you time for a nap!

PLUS! Get 20% off all purchases, using the code XMAS16


Fun and Games Mat

£24.00 from
More fun and games from the Fun and Games mat, it’s really very clever in that its both practical, educational and draw-on-able!. It’s a reversible mat illustrated with various timeless games that kids can actually draw on. From dot to dot, noughts & crosses, colour by numbers, snakes and ladders, and letter writing practice, it comes with washable felt tip pens that will come right out in the washing machine. Perfect for having the family over at Christmas or when little ones come to visit.
Comes with a fabric carry bag, in which you can keep the mat together with the set of dice, counters, and the ten washable felt tip pens. We love that these are designed, printed and hand made in Britain.

Paint or Bake Pack

£18.00 from
More fun and educational crafty-ness here. A reversible apron that boasts a baking side with a pocket, as well as a wipeable art and craft side.
It comes complete with a wooden rolling pin, spoon and two star cookie cutters to inspire young ones into the kitchen, but can also be used for arts and craft along with the paint palette and brush.

Pokemon Junior Headphones

– £14.99 from selected stores

These Pokemon Pikachu Junior headphones are a great accompaniment to any youngster (age 3-7), especially those caught up in the Pokemon Go craze that so many kids are into, which makes them a really relevant and on trend gift – great for Santa to show that he’s “Yo, I’m down with the kidz”!

They’re great quality, light to carry, nicely robust for youngsters, and brightly coloured so they’re not lost easily. Perfect for keeping them quiet on their consoles and tablets and pretty much any other device they may have.


4WD Ride On

– £29.99 from Minjal

The 4wd from Minjal has a unique ergonomic design which not only enables your child to have lots of fun but also aids their essential development. The product is designed to encourage maximum activity in children aged one to two and half without tiring them and our mini reviewers had great fun wheeling around, while their mums love that the wheels do not leave marks or scratches on the floor surface.


Mr Men & Little Miss Christmas Stocking

– £20 from

Mr Men and Little Miss have been a part of all of our childhood and it’s wonderful that they’re still going strong in 2016. There’s loads of goodies in the Mr Men shop but we love these fun & festive personalised Christmas stockings to put up every year. Also, it’s great to read that Mr Men Little Miss are proud partners of Children with Cancer UK and on buying your personalised Christmas stocking, £4 will go directly towards their work to help save more young lives. Fabulous.


Magic Twirl Mim Mim

– RRP £29.99

We were told that this was an exciting and interactive toy with music, sound and phrases but when “Mim Mim” arrived, we also found that he was super cuddly too. Kate and Mim Mim are not as “mainstream” as some of the more well known characters but this doesn’t detract from the delight on our mini reviewers faces when they realised that they can dance and twirl like Kate on imaginary adventures. *Note for parents :  Mim Mim talks when you press his tummy, so has a tendency to talk in the bed if your little one rolls over on him in the night time ….. this *may* have happened to our reviewer!



– RRP £9.99

The Sing-a-ma-lings have caused no end of entertainment at MumsClub HQ. They are a bunch of funny little characters that have laugh out loud silly voices. They can also harmonise with you and each other. Their little mouths move, which adds to the hilarity, so if you are looking for something that will always raise a smile, just press the tummy of a Sing-a-ma-ling and you won’t go far wrong. The recommended retail price is £9.99 but with some Amazon sellers retailing them much higher, it is clear that they are going to be one of the must have gifts this Christmas.


Sam Labs Inventor Kit

– RRP £99.99

For a small box, this packs in some pretty awesome ideas. The first thing you see in the box is an invitation to download the app – you must do this to get the full experience, I also recommend watching the videos to see just what you can do with it. Straight out of the box you can learn morse code, make electronic songs, create an alarm system, and make a mini drum machine. Amazing for inspiring little minds, and bringing back memories of your own youth of building robots and cars, and wanting them to actually move – this lets you do just that and so much and more. With an imagination the possibilities are endless because you can add to it. This will certainly keep the kids entertained at Christmas!


Bangle Blitz

– RRP £19.99

This is a great gift as for £19.99 as the whole set allows your little fashionista to create 25 bangle bracelets with sparkly foils to make them shimmer and shine! It includes 30 bangle sticks, design sheets, stickers, glitter glues and beautiful 3D jewels to add that extra bit of glamour to your bangles.

It is a much nicer idea than simply buying a generic bracelet and while some of it can be a bit tricky, it is a fun activity for the children to do together …… and keep them occupied over the festive season.


Dr Zigs Extraordinary Pocket Bubble Kit

£10 available at

These are a massive winner in our house, bubbles are just fun for everyone. And Dr Zigs have a bubble product to suit everyone. For stocking fillers, we love this, the pocket bubble kit. It has everything your kids need to create truly HUGE bubbles on the go, whether it’s on the Christmas Day afternoon walk in the park or the toy to take to grandmas’ s for dinner. This is the perfect portable kit for occupying and entertaining the kids, and it’ll be a family favourite throughout the year too.

Dr Zigs use natural, sustainably sourced materials to make fantastic easy to use toys for all ages.  They manufacture their fabulous high-performance giant bubble mix that is as environmentally friendly as can possibly be made. Their toys are suitable for all ages, you must take a LOOK!


Itty Bittys


Itty Bittys from Hallmark are perfect stocking fillers. They have ranges for everyone’s favourite Marvel or DC Comic characters and Star Wars or the Wizard of Oz but just in time for Christmas they have Santa and Rudolf too!

The Itty Bittys live up to their name and are super cute tiny little plush toys but with collectable characters that will appeal to adult collectors too.


Fantasia Blocks Castle


The Fantasia Blocks Castle is a fantastic gift which is a collection of uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns that is sure to inspire building in a whole new way. The set has a range of lovely bright colours and irregular shapes and with our mini reviewers ranging from age 1.5 to 4 years old, the sensory elements of the castle appeal to all ages.




LeapFrog is synonyms with learning for children and the LeapStart is no different. LeapStart is the perfect gift if you’re looking for an all-in-one learning system that will help to build kids educational and social skills. LeapStart, the new interactive system brings learning to life, teaching key educational and life skills and it works intuitively with a library of 16 activity books across four learning levels (sold separately) which grows with your child, teaching 50+ key skills from the alphabet and 123’s to space science, basic coding and educational problem solving. The MumsClub team LOVE gifts that the children will continue to play with all year round and  while this doesn’t have the versatility of a tablet, it is more cost effective, robust and holds the children’s attention!


Childs Farm – Baby Essentials Kit


The MumsClub team had heard lots of good things about the Childs Farm range of products so we were excited to get the chance to try The baby essentials kit. It contains mini bottles from Childs Farm’s new baby range: baby bedtime bubbles infused with organic tangerine oil; unfragranced baby wash with argan oil; fragrance-free baby moisturiser with shea and cocoa butter; and nappy cream with organic aloe vera. The MumsClub team love the fact that they have no nasty chemicals and they smell amazing too. (We *might* also have found that they are excellent and gentle on our own sensitive skin)


Rock & Ruddle Brush


A Rock & Ruddle hairbrush both cares for your hair and feels comfortable to use but is it worthy of being in Santa’s sack this year? Our reviewer questioned the price and what is the difference with a natural bristle hairbrush? Well, we are told that natural bristles have microscopic scales that release and spread the natural oil produced in the scalp (sebum) down each hair shaft making it shiny, supple and healthy. The bristles also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as they go through the hair. Our reviewer found that it didn’t pull on her children’s hair and it made life a little less stressful after bath times, which makes it sound like the perfect gift for mum and child!


Nattou Comforter


The Nattou range of Doudou comforters are adorable, super snuggly and fantastically soft against your baby’s skin. The MumsClub team love that they can be used from birth and are designed to help your baby feel safe and secure. One of the plus points from a mums perspective is that it is machine washable and with a range of characters to choose from, there is something for everyone.

At this price, we would recommend buying 2 because we are quite sure that it will become a firm favourite, so it is best to buy a spare!


WIN for Christmas!


Elf for Christmas – Magical Reward Kit


The MumsClub team are LOVING this Magical Reward Kit. New for 2016, directly from the North Pole, Christmas Elf Girl (or Boy) & Magical Reward Kit will bring fun and magic to homes and classrooms this December. You can’t have escaped the recent rise in “elf” popularity and seeing the daily hilarity of what the elf gets up to and this takes it to a whole new level. The Magical Reward Kit is a unique and magical package to promote good behaviour. Designed for families with up to two siblings, all of the items in our kit can be shared and it includes two Letters to Santa and two Nice List Certificates, so you can personalise these to each child. The quality of the box gives you a big indication of the quality of the Elf inside, but be warned …… December will never be the same again!

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