Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

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Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

Christmas Gift Guide for Pets


Not wanting to ever leave out our pampered pooches, and best friends, and those four-legged friends who keep us on our toes, we have a selection of this year’s essential gifts for pets and some more unusual pet-related products.


Do you know what your pet gets up to when you’re not around? Well we have the best present for your “pet” have fun with your pets this Christmas!



Ball Launcher (WIN!)

£129.99 from PetSafe

Wow what a treat! Dogs love to please us and they love to go running, and we love them to get lots of exercise, and we all love fun. The ball launcher can be hilarious as well as tick all the boxes that we want dog toys to do because dogs can react in different ways to it. It does what its name suggests; it launches a ball automatically either in your garden, or indoors – taking advantage of the adjustable height and distance to ensure your tv and best crockery remains in-tact. It has a battery option too so you can take it to the park, or on holiday. Your dogs may well learn the launcher’s different tones to know when the ball is about to launch which can whip up a frenzy of excitement! And don’t worry, even the most eager dog will be protected by the safety sensor meaning that the ball won’t launch if the sensor knows he’s too close. It’s well built and durable so you can get lots of use out of this.


Furbo Dog Camera

£239 exclusively on Amazon

ALERT! Amazon’s Deal of the Day on Cyber Monday, will see Furbo dropping down to £155!

“Your dog is barking would you like to see what he’s doing?” Each time you see this message pop up on your mobile device I guarantee you’ll smile. Because after a while you’ll know that your dog is up to something, hopefully it’ll be an endearing activity; like he’s wanting your attention, or a treat or he just wants to say hello. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of imminent disaster going on in your home… but then on the other hand that could go viral and make you an internet millionaire overnight. Maybe we all secretly want this to happen! Whatever your motivation, the Furbo is great fun.

When you see your pooch, you can watch him, talk to him via the 2-way radio sorcery, see how he responds and you can even throw him a treat. This is completely the future of doggy communication. Plus the full HD Camera & Night Vision, video streaming, and wide-angle view means it’s great home security device too because Furbo lets you see your entire room, day or night. Dogs are clever and they pick up what this device can actually do – treat! – so I’m quite sure that in a short amount of time, any dog who gets one of these will be ‘calling’ Mom regularly throughout the day by giving a quick bark near the treat dispenser, ahem I mean Furbo.

It’s crazy that we have this technology – but bring it on because it’s just awesome!



Ruff Wrap Pet Safe Christmas Wrapping Paper (WIN!)

From only £2.99 – £2.99 from Monster Pet Supplies

Fantastic! Dog-friendly wrapping paper! Where has this been all my dog-owning life? To get attention our dog puts everything in her mouth, it’s annoying the way she prances about as if to say look what I’ve got you’d better come and get it. So I love the idea of her thinking she’s being naughty but nobody having to chase her around the house to stop her choking! Made from soy based ink, this wrapping paper avoids toxic chemicals, and eliminates choking hazards by using and rip and stick technology, so, as kids do, they can play, chew and even eat the wrapping paper! At least it’ll keep them happy. I quite like the idea of wrapping all presents in this, the patterns are really lovely, there’s long-tailed doggies in reindeer antlers and Rudolph red nose, or candy cane striped bones to choose from. And no sticky tape required makes it a doddle to wrap!


Silent Double Diner (WIN!)

from £4.45 from Millbry Hill


So with all the treats that our pets are inevitably going to get this Christmastime, this is cute idea to keep the noisy bowls off the floor! Watching a puppy chase their dinner bowl around the kitchen floor is cute but as they get bigger, the cuteness tends to dissipate with every spillage… This bowl set from Millbry Hill boasts a stainless steel elevated stand with skid-free rubber feet to keep it perfectly still and spillage free with even the most eager pooch desperate for every last piece of his dinner. There’s also sound deadening rubber rings to keep the bowls quietly in place, and the rubber feet ensure the days of the noisy bowl skidding all over the floor are happily in the past. The rubber rings and feet are removable, making it completely dishwasher safe too.

Hoopie Collar (WIN!)

From only £17.95 – £17.95 SAVE UP TO £4.00 from Ruffwear

To a dog, a new collar is a must-buy present and these Hoopie Collars from Ruffwear are reliable, everyday soft and comfortable collars, with great features including a quick release buckle, a robust aluminium V-ring to attach the lead, a separate ring to easily add an ID tag, plus a silicone tag silencer to minimise tag jingling! Jingles are great for Christmas but not on the dog!


Flat Out Leash (WIN!)

From only £33.59 – £33.59 from Ruffwear

To complete the look with the awesome Hoopie collar, Ruffwear’s Flat Out leads are equally strong and sturdy and feature packed too…. you can hold it by the hand like a regular lead but additionally it can be worn on your waist worn for those more adventurous treks to wear off your Christmas feasts! It is made from strong Tubelok webbing, the adjustable handle is padded for the dog owners comfort and it boasts a Talon Clip for reliability plus an accessory loop for clip on items.


Christmas Penguin Dog Jumper (WIN!)

From only £12.99 – £24.99 from House of Paws

A little festive extravagance comes from House of Paws and their Christmas Penguin Dog Jumper! It’s super soft and cosy made from a luxurious stretchy fabric that really brings your pooch Christmas spirit! It’s a very cute but not too over the top glitzy for a dog for the holidays.


Christmas Cracker for Cats & Dogs (WIN!)

£4.95 from  Green & Wilds

Perfect for the Christmas tree or pet stocking, Green & Wild’s Christmas Cracker is a lovely low cost way to include your pets over the Christmas holidays. It’s filled with lots of goodies that your dog or cat will love and likely gobble down in seconds given half a chance, our advice spread it out a bit…


Christmas Small Pet Stocking (WIN!)

£6.99 from Rosewood Naturals

Well we can’t leave out the small pets, so how about this goodie filled stocking, providing all natural festive themed items including a seasonal salad and a crunchy tree. Your rabbit or guinea pig will love munching through this.


Busy Buddy Dinosaur (WIN!)

£6.99 from PetSafe

Well we like robust toys and our dogs like treats, this is a cute toy that does both, it’s a long lasting challenging chew toy that you can add treats to by removing the dino’s head, ideally the ring shaped treats that can be replaced over and over, but you can also make your own treats if you’re handy in the kitchen!  There’s a range of animal shapes to choose from, each one made of durable vanilla-scented rubber and designed to keep dogs busy for as long as possible! It comes with 4 cornstarch treat rings but additional treats can be bought separately.h and you can handily wash this from time to time in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos Chew Toy

£7.99 from PetSafe

This is the ultimate chew toy for dogs, and is particularly perfect for those more determined chewers. Sporting textured rubber and spikey rubber ends molded over nylon for strength the Busy Buddy ultra-stratos holds 2 ultra-thick treat rings that are 4x thicker than the regular Busy Buddy® rawhide rings and they are cleverly made the same diameter as the rings to make it more challenging for dogs to get a grip thus making it a long, long lasting chew toy. The rings are easily replaceable and can be bought separately when needed.


FroliCat® CHEESE™ Automatic Cat Teaser

£22.99 from PetSafe

Have you ever noticed how your cat loves to chase things? Yes, of course you have, it’s why they’re so great at catching mice! This Cheese toy is an exciting interactive game for your cat which sees 2 mice peek out of the sides of a large block of cheese then hide away again. Your cat will want to catch the mice and will love the hunt! What’s clever about this is the Play While You Are Away mode that can be activated to keep cats engaged throughout the day with bouts of spontaneous playtime.  Playtime lasts for around 15 minutes which saves battery life.


Multi Laser Cat Toy

£23.99 from PetSafe

Any cats will go wild for a laser like this! And they’ll be kept busy chasing after these two lasers that make random patterns and can rotate 360 degrees – keeping them active and fit for a full 15 minutes at a time before it shuts off to save it’s battery life.

RoloRat Automatic Cat Teaser

£18.99 from PetSafe

Well cats do love chasing mice, and we couldn’t bear to eave this out. The FroliCat® RoloRat Automatic Cat Teaser is a toy that, depending on how quick your cat is, will scurry throughout the house, challenging your cat to a game of cat and mouse. The random movements of the RoloRat and his tail, along with the sounds he makes will keep your cat guessing and pouncing. As with the other toys in this range, the RoloRat will allow play throughout the day with the clever Play-While-You-Are-Away feature.

Dart Duo Rotating Laser Light

£24.99 from PetSafe

This laser toy boasts an automatic rotating light with 2 lasers to enable multiple cats to play together. The 2 lasers have 4 adjustable speeds, and move in a circle whilst darting about, and quickly switch directions in a random style to make it difficult for the cat to predict its movements and catch the red dot. They love to pounce on it but they’re unlikely to ever catch it but shhh don’t tell them! Each laser spins in a circle on opposite sides so the two pouncing buddies won’t be competing for the same laser. Along with the adjustable speeds, there’s 4 timer settings that create 16 engaging play combinations.

FunKitty Twist  ‘n Treat

£3.99 from PetSafe

This challenging treat toy will keeps cats of all ages engaged for  hours, or at least until they fancy a nap. Designed to hold and dispense dry food pieces or your cat’s favourite treats, you can twist the two halves wider for easier access to the treats, or tighter to make it more challenging – and to last longer! Simply fill it with treats, close it up, twist to your cat’s enjoyment and let him play! You can wash this too, in the top rack of the dishwasher.


Squirrel Dude

£4.99 from PetSafe

This is another cute treat toys from the PetSafe range, whilst being thrown around and bouncing on the floor, this Squirrel Dude will keep them engaged by randomly releasing dry food pieces and treats. Ideal for keeping puppies busy and out of mischief! It’s fun and funky bouncy toy giving your little pooch hours of play.


Massage Slicker Brush

£7.49 from

I don’t know about you but our dog loves a good massage so we were excited to try this out, and she loved it. They say it’s a dogs life and they’re not wrong, but they also say that it’s good for us too, to massage pets which is why they have pat dogs who go into care homes – because it relaxes us humans too. Therefore the Massage Slicker is a great way to massage and keep your dog’s fur in great shape but also relax your pet – and you! It has soft, triple pronged rubber bristles that work by trapping loose, or malting hair whilst stimulating the skin to help produce a healthy and shiny coat. You can tell the dog loved it because she just melted into the floor with a daft look on her face… It also has a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and can be used wet or dry!


Dinner Tube Mini Dog Bone treats (WIN!)

RRP: £3.00 / £3.50 from Amazon, Ocado, Waitrose, Pets At Home, independent retailers.

£17.99 for 6 125g tubes from Pooch and Mutt

OK, let’s get something straight with our dogs; these are treats, and by definition that means “An item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure” therefore it’s not a scoff-the-lot-in-one item!

With that said, these mini dog bone treats are a great festive way to reward your dog’s good behaviour. These limited edition treat tubes are healthy treats so you can feel like your pet is indulging too, without ever feeding them rubbish. They’ll be devouring turkey, chicken, parsnips, carrots, peas, sweet potato, sage & thyme stuffing, and more.

Pooch and Mutt are UK producers of ethical food and treats for dogs. They pride themselves in taking inspiration from premium chocolatiers rather than mass manufactured foodstuff, providing delicious authentic, ethical and natural treats for our precious pets. Each treat is just 3 calories so your dog really can join your enjoyments of Christmas with the trimmings, plus the packaging is fab so you can leave a couple of boxes under the tree!

You could win a tube in our competition below.


IAMS Dog & Cat Food range

IAMS Naturally Range RRP: £16.49 for 3kg
IAMS Minis: RRP: £1.29 from 

IAMS are known for healthy products and these are a great way to set your pets up for a post Christmas regime. There are pet foods out there that are known as fast food for pets, we won’t ever have those in our gift guides. But we do like buying our pets gifts and starting a New Year healthy food packed with nutrition regime is a great idea. We particularly like the Proactive Health for Cats with its high quality protein ingredients and the Naturally range for both dogs and cats.

But we LOVE these IAMS Minis, they are simply great treats for well behaved dogs. These were tested on a gorgeous 4 year old Rottweiler who was taught to roll over with the positive reinforcement of the Chicken with Carrots mini dog snacks, in about 20 minutes. Well worth it! There’s also Lamb with Cranberry, and Beef with Apple too.


Eukanuba’s Premium Healthy dog food

Healthy biscuits: RRP: £2.99*
Eukanuba NaturePlus+: RRP: £12 for 2.3kg / £42.99 for 10kg*

Continuing the New Year healthy pooch theme, talk about fit for a king! Eukanuba NaturePlus+ is a premium dog food providing a 100% complete and balanced diet with high-quality animal protein from human grade lamb and naturally sourced ingredients and with no added wheat, artificial flavours, colourants or GMOs, which all promotes a healthy long life. Additionally, the Eukanuba healthy biscuits are made with high quality animal protein that also help build strong, lean muscles and promote healthy digestion, as well as including Omega-6 and -3 for healthy skin and coat plus 3D DentaDefense technology for clean and strong teeth. They are suitable for all dog breeds, and are available for puppy, adult and senior dogs.


Doggy Dumbell

£7.49 (for a large 6.5″) stockists available at

This is a fun gift for dogs; a dumbbell! Great for play and doggy fitness, and for teaching younger dogs to fetch and retrieve, but it’s also a robust toy that doesn’t get squelchy and gross after been chewed on for a day. You can play that age old “I’m gonna get it” game with your dog and with him holding tight to the bar, you’ll always have the dumbbell weighty parts to grab when he runs past you. It may not give you toned biceps but it’s a great training toys for the dog – and our dog sure loves it.


Small Pet Magic Bed

from £19.99 stockist information can be found at Mikkipet

This appealed to us because it’s not *just* a pet’s bed. It’s made from a luxurious long plush fabric, so as well as looking beautiful, it is soft, warm and snuggly and, it’s also reversible giving you two cute options. But what we love most is that it can be used flat in a warm room or for summertime use, or using the handy drawstring it can be turned into an enclosed bed giving your pampered cat, or smaller dog a feeling of box-like security when he’s snuggled up inside. Just release the drawstring to open it back into the flat cushion again. It’s machine washable too.


Pet Angel Brush

£14.99 available to order from Pet Angel

Ooh this was well received. It’s soft yet effective but then it’s tested on humans! It really does work for getting tangles out and frankly you can use it on the pesky kids too. Interestingly it was designed by celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward, specifically to coax out knots and tangles with ease. And it’s antibacterial, Anti-static, it stimulates the glands in the skin to enhance shine too.

It comes in many sizes – we love the idea of the keyring size for the school run bad hair day emergencies, so much so we were tempted to add this to the kids gift guide too! It’s also heat & water resistant, easy to clean and works on wet, dry, and matted fur or hair.



Enter our competition to win:

  • PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher worth £129.99,
  • A Hoopie Dog Collar worth £33.59
  • A Hoopie Dog lead worth £17.95
  • A large elevated Dog bowl from Millbry Hill worth £9.95
  • A Christmas cracker for a cat and a dog £4.95 each
  • A Festive Jumper for a dog worth £24.99
  • A small pet stocking worth £4.95
  • Some pet friendly wrapping paper worth £2.99
  • plus there’s 10x Dinner Tube Mini Dog Bone treats from Pooch & Moot for runners up!

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