Christmas gift guide for Baby

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Christmas gift guide for Baby

Want to find the perfect gift for that perfect bundle of joy? We have some great ideas from the practical to the practically perfect ….. take a little look.


Tiny Tears Interactive

RRP £26.99 –

Tiny Tears really needs no introduction. Tiny Tears is a legend but now Tiny Tears is interactive! This fully functional Tiny Tears doll feeds, cries tears and wets! You can press her tummy and she will say ‘mama’, laugh or cry.


Cuddledry Reindeer Bath Towel

£34.99 – Cuddledeer for Christmas

We have to admit that we love the business behind the Cuddledry products because they were created by two Mums, they slayed the Dragons in Dragons Den and have essentially created a global brand from their kitchen tables. Then they go and bring out the most adorable Cuddledeer bath towel for Christmas and we love them just a little bit more.


Cheeky Chompers

From £9.99 Cheeky Chompers dribble bibs

Once baby starts teething, we all know that they want to be chewing on anything and everything, which is why we adore these products from Cheeky Chompers. The Neckerchew, the world’s first Chewy dribble bib uniquely combines the popular bandana bib style with an attached chewy teether to soothe painful young gums. If you are a lover of designer baby wear, they also come in two iconic Joules prints, the farmyard and floral ditsy.The Comfortchew is a soft, soothing and stimulating ‘blankie’ that has been designed to bring together baby’s favourite essentials in one – a comforter, a teether, tags, and the feel of their favourite teddy. The quality is fabulous and the fabric is delightfully soft. This particular reviewer *may* have been cuddling up with baby just to share the Comfortchew!!


All in One Car Toy – Taf Toys

Babies love to sleep in the car but when they are not sleeping, it can be difficult to keep them amused whilst driving (ensuring safety at all times), so this product can transform a fractious car journeys into a much more enjoyable adventure! We love the fact that we can see baby whilst driving without turning around all the time but more importantly, the little one has an accessible toy that helps to develop their senses and motor skills. Suitable from birth.


TOFT Crochet Toys


Knitting and crocheting is not usually thought of as a top Christmas gift but when we heard about TOFT, we couldn’t resist including them. TOFT are the British knitting leaders. The brand specialises in knit-your-own-kits (available for adults and children), and also offer already-knitted items by their hands-on staff who create all the products in the gorgeous alpaca farm in Rugby. We love that the brand specialise in the finest British alpaca and pure wool yarn and while baby is sleeping, you could indulge in some relaxing crocheting by creating them their very own personal gift from you. Totally adorable!


Magical Mermaid

We were told that you just place the mermaid in water and her tail will swish from side to side, allowing her to swim exactly like magical mermaids. In our bath time review we found she can swim in two different positions thanks to the weighted metal band included with the set. Wrap it around her tail and she will swim vertically, moving up and down in the water, but then the clever part is if you place it on her head as a tiara, she will swim horizontally, performing a backstroke. It gets a big thumbs up from our mini reviewer and this is a great stocking filler for any toddler. Note : Not suitable for children under 36 months.


My First Letters

his is for slightly older children, designed for those aged 4+ but if you have a bright toddler, it is never too early to start getting them to recognise their ABC’s. It is a great way to introduce them to basic words and would be a fantastic gift for those who are starting school next September.


Gone Crabbing Bucket

From £15 – Available for all the family!

Those lovely folk in Norfolk, known as have put together some great Festive, family-sized buckets with not a hint of chicken in sight. They have one for all the family but we got to see the Toddler one and we just loved it! We thought the hoodie was genius, with the slogan on the back “crabby but cute”. It washes really well and the toddler was bereft when she saw it on the washing line and she couldn’t wait to put it back on. The bucket seems a simple gift but is a winner with the small folk, unfortunately for us ….. the toddler now wants to go to the beach …….. in Winter!! Eek!!


Frozen Colouring Table

Prices around £14.99 – Sambro –

Do you want to build a snowman? Or just draw one? You can channel their inner artist with the Frozen Colouring Table. The easy to assemble table includes chunky coloured crayons and a 5 metre colouring roll which features illustrations of the Frozen characters which little girls (or boys) can spend endless hours colouring in. It isn’t cumbersome so won’t take up too much space, although might just take up a little space in your child’s heart this Christmas.

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