Christmas Gift Guide for Babies and Children

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Christmas Gift Guide for Babies and Children

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies & Children

With so many different toys and gifts on the market just in time for Christmas, where do you start to look for the best ones ….


right here with the MumsClub Christmas Gift Guide of course.




Mr Men & Little Miss Framed Print

From £20 from order before 20th December for Christmas delivery.

We all love gifts with our name on, and most of us of a certain generation have fond memories of the Mr Men books and tv show. So this is a wonderful way to bring some nostalgia to your kids. Frankly anything from the Mr Men range works for us; we love it all. But we do feel the framed print with your child’s name on it is just too cute. The Mr Men site offers so many personalised items so even if the framed print isn’t for you, there’s plenty more to browse through. Take a look at the personalised family portrait – so clever!


My Pal Scout

£19.99 from Leapfrog

My Pal Scout is a playful, interactive, user-friendly toy that is great for babies and toddlers. The cuddly puppies (you can get green for Scout, purple for Violet) can be personalised to suit each individual child. Years ago, our reviewer had the LeapFrog Baby Tad which followed a similar concept, but My Pal Scout is definitely far more advanced. Scout introduces children to words, counting and feelings though 14 activities. Scout comes pre-loaded with five songs and parents have a choice of over 30 more lovable learning songs to personalise their child’s puppy pal with.

Crocodile Balancing

£8.50 from Hippychick

Classic World have a straight forward philosophy, “Happy Playing, Happy Learning” and this really resonates with us. This clever balancing game gets children using the colourful wooden blocks to correctly balance the friendly crocodile. It is a great teaching tool to aid hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and shape recognition but most of all it is great fun and at £.8.50 it is perfectly priced too.

Lumie Bedbug

£59.95 from Lumie

The Mumsclub team are big fans of Lumie products and the Lumie bedbug is an award-winning sleep aid for babies and children that uses low-blue light to create calm bedtimes and good nights.  Bedbug emits white light with almost none of the stimulating blue light that might keep them awake. Practically, it is a combi product, it offers a 15-minute sunset, reading and nightlight. The sunset can fade to off or to nightlight. From a tactile perspective, the Lumie Bedbug has a soft touch cover which helps mute the light and makes him much more friendly.

Zoe the Penguin Music Box

£34.99 from Cheeky Rascals

Zazu’s Zoe is one clever penguin – a soothing nightlight, music box and wireless speaker in one. Zoe features 5 pre-set melodies including a heartbeat, white noise and waterfall sound, as well as wireless speaker technology, enabling parents to play their own choice of music or children’s stories. Also providing a soft, reassuring glow with two adjustable brightness settings, Zoe activates automatically upon baby crying and will begin to play and light up to comfort little ones, helping them to fall back into a peaceful slumber. Available in blue, pink or neutral grey.

Day & Night Smart Globe

£29.99 from Oregon Scientific

We love gifts that can expand the mind and this cleverly designed new SmartGlobe offers double the learning fun. In day mode, children can explore the earth’s surface with clearly labelled countries, capitals, cities and natural features. Then, at just the press of a button, budding astronomers can switch to night mode, revealing an illuminated map stars and planets, including stunning constellations. This awe inspiring new globe is also an ideal gift for children who find a night light soothing.

For the tech savvy children, they can even unlock Augmented Reality content with a tablet or smart phone including animals, landmarks, dinosaurs and weather facts! Plus, there’s extra fun to be had exploring flags and taking on fun challenges.


Snuggly Rascals Comfortable Headphones for Kids – WIN!

From £14.99 at Snuggly Rascals and Argos Online

These headphones from Snuggly Rascals are great for Christmas, we suggest particularly useful for those very early hours, when the kids are up before the milkman. Mix it up with a relevant item like a cd or tablet and hey Presto your kids will be kept happily quiet for another couple of hours. Yeah yeah ok more like 20 seconds!  But they’re really comfy headphones made with soft snuggly fleece and they look and sound great! Mum will love that it’s machine washable and size adjustable so they’ll fit any kid sized head, and there’s loads of funky designs to choose from too.

Vtech Swim & Splash Dolphin

£13 from Vtech

If you are looking for a cute bath toy, this adorable interactive bath time dolphin recognises when water is poured onto it by playing fun phrases and sounds. With phrases, 3 sing-along songs and 20 melodies, it is sure to make bath time a little more fun this festive season. The songs don’t drive you insane and when the dolphin squirts water from the snorkel, it is giggle time all round.


Feisty Pets

£24.99 from

Beware! Proceed with caution… It’s not the cute cuddly bear you may think it is! We haven’t lost our minds, this super cute range of cuddly toys can transform into frightening teddies in an instant!

The Feisty Pets cleverly have two small triggers hidden in their head, which upon a little subtle squeeze turns them into a demonic beast! Giving your brave pre-teen both a cutie cuddly toy and the perfect jump-scare pal all in one. This Sir Growls a lot we feel is particularly suited to a fnaf or Five Nights at Freddies fan.

Releasing the triggers turns them back into sweet an innocent in a jiffy. Such a fun gift! Plususe code BLACK17 for a 10% discount.


Mr Men & Little Miss Lunchbox – WIN!

£15 from order before 20th December for Christmas delivery.

This is a cute 2-step gift process – it’s both personalised which we all love but it’s also highly useful! Little ones will love opening up their very own personalised lunch box, decorated with a cute Mr Men or Little Miss character and, well we can’t guarantee this, but it may even help you to get some extra greens into the mouths of your mini-me’s by presenting them in their special Christmas lunchbox. Yeah, good luck with that. But it’s a cute stocking filler at a great price and would be great for school too.


Mr Men & Little Miss Placemats – WIN!

£13 from order before 20th December for Christmas delivery.

To accompany the lunchbox above, this is great for kids too and well, to be honest I’d quite like my own too. Personally speaking I get fed up with people trying to sit in my spot at the dinner table when visiting my parent’s – so this would be ideal.  Arguably Miss Grumpy would best describe me… But for little ones it would be a cute way to encourage them to eat at dinner time and they look fab on the table too!


Knex Barracuda Rotoshot Blaster

£34.99 from K’NEX

If you have a thrill seeker that you need to buy a gift for this year, why not consider the customisable blaster with the NEW Pump-Action RotoChamber from K’NEX. This super cool Pump-Action RotoChamber allows you to rapidly fire up to 5 darts without reloading.  Set includes K’NEX rods and connectors plus special parts to create different blasters. The kit comes with 129 parts and it takes around 30 minutes to put together. Compatible with the entire K-FORCE Build and Blast line. It says that it is suitable from 8+ but to be honest, it is big enough for adults to hold …. so great for big kids too.

Mini Hornit

£14.99 from The Hornit


The Mini Hornit comes loaded with 25 sound effects from bells and trumpets to racing cars and animals, and has bright lights (white AND green!) for safety. The Mini-Hornit comes in four colours: pink, blue, red and black, and works with 2 AAA batteries. To be honest, we found the battery life a little variable, although with the steady excitable stream of noises from a police siren to an old fashioned bell, coupled with the flashing of the lights during our testing, it was difficult to try and gauge the longevity. The Mini Hornit also comes with a remote trigger for use on bikes which enables children to operate the sounds without taking their hands off the handlebars … safety first!
Mini Hornit featured on the BBC (Dragons’ Den) and we always love a success story and for just £19.99 it makes for a fun but practical present this Christmas time.


MITRE Star Wars™ Mini Darth Vader Scriball

from £12 available to buy at Mitre

Mitre are well known for making quality footballs so it’s a fantastic addition to range, ready to appeal to fans of the Star Wars franchise. With 4 designs to choose from in the range, you can pick your child’s fave characters; either from the light or dark side, and with the five colouring pens that come in the box they can customise their ball as they like it. We suspect the more grown up Star Wars fans will embrace their inner Sheldon Cooper and keep it in mint condition, or at least on the supplied ball stand but being a Mitre product this is totally suited to a knock about in the garden or down the park. For this, it comes with a pump too. Best of both worlds! You can even add the target goal too for more footie practice, but for Christmas morning, this will keep your little ones engaged and quiet for ooh at least 10 minutes!


Electro Dough Kit

£22.99 from Tech Will Save Us


This kit is like a science experiments you used to do at school – but so much more fun! The kit comes with  a buzzer, cutters for your play dough and tons of extra wires for fun designs. Perfect for family time at the kitchen table, Electro Dough is a fun combo of play and learning. It has everything you need to make fun shapes and create simple circuits to make your creations buzz and light up! The kit is aimed at age 4 but our review team are sure it will be a family favourite for many years after that.

Lights from Anywhere Magic Trick

£9.99 from

We love this for budding magicians, it only needs a spark to inspire a new generation of magicians and this is a simple yet impressive way to create a wow in your youngster. Unlike the sleight of hand card tricks, you won’t need special skills, so kids can learn to create and control a magic light between their fingertips. We won’t give it away but it comes with the instructions and tools you need to perform the fingertip trick.

Ideal for ages 8 and over, and it’s officially recommended by The Magic Circle. Also available in adult version too.

Use code BLACK17 for a 10% discount too.



Pirate Bubba Bag

£29.95 from gumigem

OOOO arrrghhhh! me hearties! What little one does not love pirates! My boy actually dressed as a pirate for pretty much the first 4 years of his life!

Well this Bubba bag like our others is just amazing for babies, the black and white bag will grab their attention and babies LOVE to fill and spill things, so taking the items in and out of the bag is a real treat! Nice and light for babies to hold each item as well. AND if they end up with a favourite they HAVE to take everywhere with them… then they have a little slit for attaching a toy saver so you can loop onto a pram or a buggy!

Not only that, its the same soft non toxic high quality silicone we are famed for, so totally safe, suitable from 0M+ and can be washed in a dishwasher or steriliser.

It teaches them hand eye co-ordination and spatial awareness too, BONUS!

Inside you get 4 teething toys and these work well for teething but also beyond that into the toddler years where you little ones will love spying through the telescope or marking where the treasure is with the X marks the spot teether (this is reversible, one side has X marks the spot, the other the skull and cross bones). The ships wheel has lovely nobbles for reaching those toddler molars when they break through and they can spend their gold debloon in a make shift shop!

The Tidy Books Box for toddlers

£79 Available at and in John Lewis

We love this idea as perhaps a grandparent to buying for grandchildren who have tons of gift to organise. Let the easter bunny buy eggs and be the supplier of this stylish and portable book box from British brand Tidy Books.

It’s design makes it easy for toddlers to pick out picture books (and toys) by themselves, and grow their love of reading and self entertainment. A brilliant gift for babies and toddlers.



Enter our competition to win! 

Mr Men & Little Miss Placemat & lunch box

Plus a runner up prize of a pair of Snuggly Rascals Comfortable Headphones for Kids!

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