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Looking for new ideas or inspiration for a business you can run from home?

Mothers are known to be creative and resourceful, let’s face it we need to be when juggling the madness of family life every day! But often we can stumble upon a new business idea by realising a need for ourselves. Have you ever wanted a style of clothing that you just can’t find in the shops? The chances are that if you’ve needed it then other mum’s will have done too.

So if you’re up for the challenge you could set yourself up, source a supplier and run with your own idea; you have the advice and support you need, freely available right here on MumsClub.

Or on the other hand you could find a business opportunity that suits you and benefit from someone else’s bright idea and groundwork.

There are hundreds of opportunities currently available that are suited to a mum wanting to working around the children, over the next few pages you’ll find a few to get you started.

Party Planning/Direct selling;

One option is selling on behalf of another company. It’s simple to set yourself up as a party planner, or working from home sales; You will often, although not always, need to buy a start up pack which may include sales & marketing material and products to start you off. They will provide the products and main marketing, whilst you will be required to do some local marketing and earn a percentage of the sales you make. As with all things the more time you put in, the more you can earn, and a good living can be made from direct selling. If you only have part time hours you can still make good money, but do it at your own pace and in your own time. Either way, make sure you have fun doing it – getting the girls together for a party can be a great night – even better if you’re earning from it!


If you’re looking to invest a little more into your future, then buying a franchise or a license from an established business with an already proven product or service could be your ideal option. You could be running your own music class for children or your own magazine in no time!

Franchising is a way of setting up on your own but with the support of a bigger company behind you. As the franchisee, you’ll have day to day responsibility of running your business, but (as with direct selling) the research and groundwork will have been done already so you won’t have to make any mistakes finding the best method.

Often, you’ll buy a package that entitles you to work in a specific area, where no other franchisee of that company will be allowed to operate. You will receive training in all aspects of running the business in accordance to their method and standards, and you’ll have the use of their business name which will be centrally marketed to help provide you with a recognised and trusted brand and image.

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business but simply don’t know where to start, then direct selling or buying a franchise could be an ideal solution.

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