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Direct Selling: The Direct route to success

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Direct Selling: The Direct route to success

For many mums throughout the UK direct selling offers an attractive way to supplement income and work flexibly around other commitments like childcare.   In fact, direct selling is the UK’s largest provider of part time, independent earning opportunities –with over 400,000 people involved in direct selling in the UK. The industry contributes £2 billion annually to the UK economy, and continues to grow despite the recent tough economic climate. Direct selling is where good are sold direct to consumers outside of a fixed retail...

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Insider guide to Franchising

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Deciding to become a franchisee is a big decision. Your time, money and family will all be affected by the choice you make so it is important to get it right. Here, MumsClub, together with some successful franchisees and franchisors, offers tips on what you should consider when choosing a franchise business. MumsClub Money Matters Can you afford the initial investment? It may sound silly, but a franchise opportunity that costs upwards of £20,000 should not be on your shortlist if you have no way of meeting the initial cost, even with any...

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Buying a Business Opportunity

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Looking for new ideas or inspiration for a business you can run from home? Mothers are known to be creative and resourceful, let’s face it we need to be when juggling the madness of family life every day! But often we can stumble upon a new business idea by realising a need for ourselves. Have you ever wanted a style of clothing that you just can’t find in the shops? The chances are that if you’ve needed it then other mum’s will have done too. So if you’re up for the challenge you could set yourself up, source a supplier and run with your own...

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