A New Year’s honour


A New Year’s honour

Business Mum to become MBE

Today I am delighted and deeply honoured to be able to announce that I am to receive an MBE for services to entrepreneurship in the 2012 New Year’s honours list. And what could be better than using this news to start my own blog.

I’ve known of this news for some time, at first I didn’t believe it; couldn’t quite believe that I could have been nominated for an MBE, but when the Birmingham Mail called last week it finally began to sink in.

I never expected mumsclub to grow as it has; I created it simply to find other mums who were running businesses as I needed support for myself. I was flat broke with a tiny baby to take care, facing income support and living with my parents; whose support has been incredible and unwavering throughout.

But as mumsclub moves into its 5th year, seeing these words published in a headline on the official website leaves me somewhat overwhelmed by it all: “MBE recipients include Jane Hopkins, who founded MumsClub in 2007 to provide support for mothers working in business.”

It has been quite a journey; I’ve had amazing experiences including numerous visits to Downing Street to meet two Prime ministers, interviewing super successful millionaire entrepreneurs including Duncan Bannatyne and Jacqueline Gold for both MumsClub and our magazine; the Business Mum’s Journal, and rubbing shoulders with top celebrities.

But I’ve also had hard times too, even after battling through the insurmountable financial pressures I experienced when I became a mum there have been occasions when I’ve wanted to give it all up and simply get a job. Being an entrepreneur can be gruelling at times; I’ve learnt the hard way what some people can be like! Luckily I’ve not lost too much money trusting the wrong people but gosh it was tough back there.
But I’ve come through it all and I take comfort knowing that mumsclub was the first; the original, and being awarded an MBE reinforces our position as the leading business mum and mumpreneur authority in the UK.

As I’m writing this I can see the email notifications are flooding in, there are blog posts, facebook tags and twitter mentions congratulating me before I’ve published this, which is both touching and humbling. I’ll reply to you all but in the meantime, I thank you all.

So on what is already a very emotional New Year’s Eve 2011; and the day that would have been a very, very special persons birthday, I’d like to thank all of the women who have been loyal to mumsclub over the last 5 years, who have taken the time to help and support both myself and other mums in business, you are the heart of mumsclub and long may we all continue to succeed, achieve and inspire others.

And maybe one day I will finally get to meet Branson, after two, yes two, very close shaves.

Happy New Year!

Jane x

Jane Hopkins MBE


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  1. And what a way to start off on your blogging journey!!

    I know how hard you have worked for other business mums, and I’ve watched you struggle and battle as twists and turns have come about when others have gone off in their own direction.

    You ARE the original. As I said to you last night, I would not be where I am right now without you behind me so I am sure I say for the majority, THANK YOU for being there and starting this wonderful movement of women.

    You deserve this award!

  2. You really deserve it. Thank you for all your support over the past year and look forward to seeing what new things you have install for us all in the coming years! Well done x

  3. So inspiring to hear you say you almost gave up and got a job. I sometimes think my husband would like me to do that (we’d certainly have more money again if I did!) but I know that there are families who love my product out there, so I just need to keep going and keep treading the long path to getting word out!!!!


    Helen, Founder of http://www.SaveEveryStep.com

    • Profile photo of MumsClub Admin

      Good for you Helen. What can you do to make your business generate more income to match that of a job? Have you prepared a new year list of goals to achieve it? It’ll be interesting to see you grow Save every step more this year…

  4. Congratulations

  5. Jane… Thrilled by your news! Well deserved and very inspiring ! Keep up the excellent work x

  6. Many Congratulations Jane
    Very well deserved- you do a brilliant job

    MumsClub is a great resource and support

  7. Profile photo of MumsClub Admin

    Thank you ladies for your kind comments. It’s a pleasure to be connected to you all. Happy New Year x

  8. Just SO soooo utterly delighted for you, Jane. You are a wonder. And now it really MUST be wine o’clock. Hxx

  9. Well Done 🙂 Congratulations and you deserve this award for all your hard work. I love the Mumsclub site and it is a much needed support for all us mums out there. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more good news, positive, inspirational & motivational guidance Jane.

  10. Oh honestly, talk about being the last to catch on – where have I been over the last couple of weeks to miss this! What an amazing piece of news (and very well deserved too). Congratulations Jane – sorry, Dame Jane MBE, Countess of Tinternet – or should I just call you “M’am”?? 😉 xx

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