How can you build a brand with staying power?


How can you build a brand with staying power?

How can you build a brand with staying power?

The brands that come to mind when we think ‘big brands’ have largely got to where they are now through excellent marketing, reliable products and the maintenance of a hard earned reputation.

No matter what size your business is, it’s crucial that your build a brand that people trust and know when they need whatever it is you are supplying.

There are a few ways to get your brand out there, but it’s down to you as a business to give the best customer experience you can for that ‘staying power’ – here are a few ideas to get you started.

Be clear about your purpose

All brands need a story; what inspired you to start this brand? What is your aim with your company? If you have a clear position in the market, it’s easier for people to understand exactly what you do and therefore trust in you. Take Levi Strauss as an example. Levi’s have been popular for an impressive 162 years now, one of the USA’s most iconic brands. But what Levi’s have done isn’t complicated, they set out to be an authentic denim producer and today they are still manufacturing high quality, authentic clothing.

Stories also help us connect as human beings, and a good story can make your brand more memorable. Try to make an emotional connection with your brand and the public by drawing on popular experiences. Bolster Creative recommends you put your story out there either through your website, either by video or written out and make it easy to share across social media: “Your story will help carry your brand beyond the short attention span of today’s digital consumers and begin to build a truly loyal following.”. To keep the limited attention span of your consumers make your story short and snappy!

Maintain some consistency 

Establish who your clientele are before you set out as a business and don’t side track from your decision. It’s down to you as a company to decide on the value of your service or products. It may seem expensive to some people but if it’s worth it, the right customers will come along in the end.

Once you have established prices, a clientele and a service, don’t change your decision as there will be certain expectations associated with your brand that if you disrupt, could weaken your brand’s reputation. Forbes contributor William Arruda compares this to the success of Richard Branson:

“Richard Branson, a brand name himself, evolved from running a record label to running an airline, with so many ventures along the way,” he says. “He has built a multi-billion dollar conglomerate around his values of risk-taking and adventure. […] But he remains consistent in delivering a customer-centric, aesthetically pleasing, mega-cool experience no matter the venture.”

If you can nail branding like Branson has, you’re onto a winner. All you need is pure, raw and exciting passion for your brand and the ability to pass this passion onto your consumers.

Put yourself out there 

Your brand is only going to get noticed if, put simply, it’s noticeable, so whether you’re advertising on the Internet or out and about make sure you market your brand correctly. Social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise, as long as you get it right. However, don’t underestimate the power of advertising the old-fashioned way, customisation of clothing and accessories can still go a long way as subliminal advertising. Plus, it gives people a chance to talk about your brand when they ask what the name means.


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