Break out of your comfort zone


Break out of your comfort zone

Step outside your comfort zone

You may not realise it but you could be stuck inside the confines of your comfort zone. You may be stopping yourself from doing things that you deep down would like to be able to do but are lacking in just a little confidence.

They say there is no adventure or excitement within your comfort zone and if you succumb to your zone, over time it can reduce in size eventually leaving you overwhelmed by something that you would have once taken in your stride.

Being a new mum can do this to you; being at home with the little ones for too long can make you reluctant to leave the house, so choosing to then start a business can be a huge step – although to some people it can be the answer too, if that’s the case it’s even more important for you to venture out of the zone.

Either way try not to let your comfort zone control or define you, here’s some tips to keep in mind.

But what will people think of me?!

One of the biggest holders-back is the fear of what other people will think of us. We fear people thinking we are odd, annoying, insensitive or even unintelligent. But think about all the wonderful, charming, most intelligent people you’ve ever come across, the chances are they aren’t always so amazing and such pleasant company. We’ve all had face-palm moments where we’ve blurted out something inappropriate, but we’re forgive and are forgiven because we all know that none of us are perfect. In fact, it makes us more human, and ultimately relatable and likeable. So go ahead, be proud of your mistake – make a joke of it; making sure they laugh with you – not at you and they’ll like you more for it. Whoever “they” are anyway.

But I might fail!

What would you tell a 6 year old if they said that? You might say, ‘but you’ll never know if you don’t try’, that ‘it’s always far easier in reality than your imagination’ which is notorious for running wild anyway. And let us not forget that even getting your backside into gear and trying something new, regardless of success or not is a worthy accomplishment in itself. You may even want to try it again to improve. Practice makes perfect after all.

But I’m petrified!

Yep, we all are at times. Look at Richard Branson, he doesn’t like pubic speaking but he does it – because he knows it’s the right thing to do for his business. It’s worked wouldn’t you say? What could you do outside of your comfort zone to help your business? They say Feel the fear and do it anyway.

But I’m not really a risk taker

But what if? Yeah you might fail, you might lose something, the keyword here is might. You might also gain something. So when it’s your business that stands to gain, therefore ultimately you and your family, detach yourself from the situation. Focus on the potential positive result. If it’s a monetary gamble, only gamble what you are willing to and can afford to lose so it’s no big deal if you lose. Enjoy it and live for the moment, carpe diem!

But I can’t bear it when it all goes pear shaped.

Get over it. Things won’t always go your way, but you have to dust yourself off and start all over again. Failure is just a bruise that will fade, but you’ll learn from it and you’ll do better next time.

You’ll be ok, you know that don’t you?

Just remember this; above all, stepping outside your comfort zone really is where the magic happens, your first step may be exciting, even a little exhilarating but the further outside you reach the easier it gets. One day you’ll realise you’ve stretched that comfort zone, and guess what? That’s the time to stretch it some more…


Good luck!

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