Blink Security system review


Blink Security system review

Blink Security review

The biggest difficulty of the Blink Home Security system was getting the camera and sync module boxes out of the packaging! Pesky vacuum created by the tightly packed boxes… after that it’s downhill sailing.

Each box has instructions, very simply your first step is to download the free Blink Home Monitor App and create an account, then plug the sync module to the power supply and follow the on screen instructions which is made clear by handy flashing arrows telling you where to tap and what to scan from your phone, and then it’s a failsafe click here procedure (see picture 1).

Picture 1

You then add the camera to let the app know it exists, which involves the insertion of 2 AA batteries for which, you get really handy videos that play for you, on a loop to save you pressing play. You tap next when you’re done and move on to scanning the QR code that’s on the back of the camera. Your camera will take a few moments to update it’s firware but then you’re set up.


Picture 2

The final step is to do as it asks and place it somewhere strategic in your home. Depending on how many places you have to choose from, and how high up they are vs how short you are, the time needed for this will vary from person to person. To help you though, whenever you place it, you can use the app to take a snap to show you exactly how it will look and how much of the room will be covered. You want to find the best place so you’ll try everywhere possible.

Be sensible though, on top a box file isn’t ideal. I tried it. And you’ll find yourself in the snaps if you’re still in the room so perhaps consider stepping out for a moment… If needed, you can mount the camera on a wall, with the handy bracket that comes with it, you’ll then be able to adjust the positioning, pan, tilt or swivel the camera as you wish. I haven’t used this, I am quite happy with the window sill that’s quite high up.



If you have more cameras, repeat the process until you’re happy they are all in the best place to cover as much of the room as possible.

All straight forward enough, in fact it was a piece of cake.

You can watch live at any time, even if you’re home and it’s disarmed. Just tap on the video icon and it’ll open it right up for you.


There’s lots of information in the settings tab on the app, from monitoring the battery life, temperature of the rooms, whether to enable audio, and what the wifi signal strength is like – all useful when you’re away from home. You can adjust the detection settings easily too, from how long the clips are that you’re sent – keeping it short will preserve your battery life, and if you really do have an intruder, 10 second clip is all you need to realise you need to call the police. You have a lot of settings at your fingertips to adjust to what works for you.

Video quality

Is excellent, you can see its HD and is full court and very clear. If you have the camera pointing towards the window, on a bright day

Auto-alarming when you leave

Now to make it work for me, if I’m working at home I don’t want it sending me alerts of myself so I want it to be disarmed when I’m home. I can schedule arming to times when I know I’m here, or not here. But I do tend to leave at different times and I don’t want to have to remember to arm and disarm Blink.

To achieve this I need to install the IFTTT app which is available on both iOS and android.

IFTTT is completely new to me, as soon as I’d created an account it asked me if I wanted weather alerts in the morning. I feel like I have a butler…

Support on the blink website is there if you look, quick link is here: How to integrate Blink with IFTTT 

One signed into the IFTTT app you need to search for Blink and scroll down until you see the smaller green square icon that says Blink (Europe), there are other “applets” with Blink in the title – ignore them until you see the square logo. Enter your Blink sign in details, then you need to create your Blink applet.

This is the next step how-to guide: How to use IFTTT with Blink 

You might at first regard this as a pain, considering the ease of the initial setting up the Blink system, but IFTTT isn’t made my the same people so it’s not really worth comparing. You only need to do this once, and I can confirm it is reliable and what’s actually quite cool is that there’s so many other IFTTT applets you can make use of, or create our own, they look really fun but that’s for another day.

For now, I’ll carry on enjoying that my home is nicely protected.

Pro’s of Blink

  • Ease of its set up.
  • Picture quality – it’s truly excellent even in low light.
  • Aesthetics – the camera’s are subtle and unobtrusive, no wires and doesn’t look like a camera.
  • A handy watching live message. In a thoughtful battery saving reminder, is subtly asks in a pop up after a few seconds; “Continue?” I think this is AKA for “Hey, stop wasting your batteries, buddy”. (see picture 2)
  • The alerts are instant, and you have a good level of control over how quickly you are alerted and for how long.

Con’s of Blink

  • It’s a bit of a (comparitive) faff to get the auto-alarming set up.




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