Best of British by Ravensburger puzzle review

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Best of British by Ravensburger puzzle review

Best of British by Ravensburger puzzle review

We were kindly sent the new jigsaw puzzle in the Best of British range by Ravensburger. It was No. 15 ‘The Supermarket’ and comprises 1000 pieces.

We embarked on this project over the half-term holidays as we wanted something fun we could do with our three children that didn’t involve electronics. I was surprised to find the kids (12, 14 and 17) were quite enthusiastic about joining in. In fact, excitement about the puzzle grew so much, grandma and an aunty came over to join in with the fun and it became a bit of a tea & cake party too.

We haven’t tried a Ravensburger puzzle before so the first thing we noticed was the quality. A leaflet in the box explains how the manufacturer uses hand-drawn templates and handcrafted cutting tools. I thought that was rather impressive as this is not a high-priced jigsaw. The pieces themselves had a soft blue backing material and were very easy to fit together and reposition. The jigsaw also came apart easily at the end, so I can understand why Ravensburger call it their softclick technology.


The design was created by a wonderful British artist & author called Geoff Tristram. The picture depicts a supermarket called ‘Cheaposave’ where you get less for a whole lot more. Our kids didn’t get all the jokes but the funny labels and speech bubbles had the adults chuckling. The puzzle itself was really challenging and took us a lot longer than we had anticipated. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children unless they are adept at doing puzzles, as the pieces are cleverly cut out to make it tricky. The man in the corner with the checked shirt was particularly difficult. The design was beautifully drawn and the printed colours had a real depth to them but that is not surprising as the puzzle is printed on museum-grade embossed paper. As a graphic designer myself, I know that really does make a difference.

I can honestly say I was impressed with this puzzle but I do have a few tips to pass on. Make sure you have a board or table that is large enough before you start. The puzzle covered our whole table so we had to have the individual pieces on trays. Make sure you allocate enough time. This took our family team eight hours, which was much longer than we had anticipated. If you have a smartphone, take a snapshot of part of the box picture and zoom in. The children found the pieces difficult to find until we had this bright idea. And yes, I can tell what you are thinking …this project did involve a teeny bit of electronics after all.

The Pollock family give Ravensburger puzzles and ‘The Supermarket’ a big thumbs up!

You can see the whole Ravensburger Best of British range of puzzles right here.


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