Be on the cover of our magazine!

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Be on the cover of our magazine!

Wanted: Your story for the COVER of The Business Mum’s Journal!

Calling all premium members! This week’s big news is that the soon-to-go-to-press edition of The Business Mum’s Journal needs a cover story. We generally like to publish a mix of both high profile entrepreneurs and newer businesses who would benefit from a business boost from such a rare opportunity. Previously we’ve had Jacqueline Gold, Theo Paphitis, Cara Sayer, Keira O’Mara and more. Copies go into selected Mothercare stores as well as other family friendly outlets and of course to order online so we have great distribution.

So we now want one of our working from home, juggling family life Premium Members  for this edition’s front cover.

All prem’s are in with a chance of being featured, and if you’re not yet a premium you can trial it for a month.

And all we need from you is a quick interview, via a set of published questions. And some high res photos depicting you, your business and your family life. Simples eh?

We will get a lot of people wanting this, but the good news is the opportunity is only available until the end of next week, so the sooner you get back to us the better!

Make it great!

To be in with a chance of being on the cover, simply get the published questions back to us as soon as you can, but don’t rush it! Use it to sell yourself properly showing us why we’d be daft not to have you, show us your personality and be fun! We’ll then create a shortlist and whittle it down. We may well contact you for more information, but rest assured, even if you don’t make the cover you could still be mentioned elsewhere inside the magazine.

Remember! It has to be a great story, with tips and advice for readers. Overcoming challenges is always good, as are happy endings and great tips for success. Think about what you would like to read about… We’ll need some high res images from you too.

When you become a premium member you’ll have access to the questions we need, and if you haven’t yet seen them, log in today!  You can trial premium for a whole month for just £1. You can cancel at any time, but we don’t think you will.

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  1. As i sit here with the dog under the desk that pulls the internet cable out from my laptop on a daily basis when the postman comes, grabbing the quick half hour while my 7 month old has her morning nap before I have to feed the cat and the parrot – in that order or the other dog eats both their food – i think, yes, I really am a mum running a business and not a zoo keeper.
    While i was pregnant with my 3rd (and final) child last year, I was made redundant from a corporate role as head of global marketing – and so had to give birth to two babies at once – my two legged beautiful daughter one and my virtual one – Holly Scott-Donaldson, Mobile Internet Marketing Coach.
    Not knowing if I had the confidence, skills or time to run my own business, I enrolled on an “internet marketing” training and mentoring program, and within the year, I am now a professional coach and mentor in partnership with my mentor, bringing new content to the program about the new and ever evolving world of “mobile internet marketing”.
    Locally I set up a networking group called “Woodborough Entrepreneurs – WE” which is a business skills sharing group where most of the new members or mums just like me facing life changes like new babies or being made redundant and at least three of them have decided to “go it alone” based on chats with me and how I’ve muddled through and am coping with the “blending” of every day life, and as they say, they are not really “going it alone” because we as the “WE” group are all here to help with everything a new business needs: confidence coaching, design, marketing, getting online, identity coaching, pricing advice, legal advice – we all pitch in and self support.
    When i decided to launch my own business and set up the WE group, our local newspaper ran my story, and the results were astounding – they had more responses from local women asking to just have a chat with me about why and how than they had on any previous article, and some of those ladies are now WE members. So i know they story resonates with a lot of women, and particularly mums with young families right now.
    I hope you will consider me for your cover.
    Kind regards

  2. I run a silver jewellery and keepsake company selling fingerprint, handprint jewellery. I would love to be in with a chance to be on your front cover. 🙂 Please can you see me the link for the questions… I’ve just joined to become a premium member . Thank you!

    • Jane

      Hi Julia, you’ll see when you join the group. Check your email, you should have an invitation waiting 🙂

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