Barilla Pasta Review


Barilla Pasta Review

Barilla Pasta Review

Pasta is a firm favourite in our house, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s versatile and we all love it. Much to my protests, my children would prefer to munch on plain pasta for lunch if I let them so I was happy to take some Barilla pasta and cooking sauce to sample for my family of pasta munchers.

Straight away, I rustled up a simple bolognese for the family and didn’t say a word about the new products that we were trialling.  All pastas taste the same anyway . . surely?  How wrong I was!  My husband was the first to comment on the difference; the texture of the pasta was absolutely perfect and quite different to any other that we had ever cooked at home. The cooking sauce had a really fresh smell of tomatoes and tasted delicious. 

The kids really enjoyed the tricolore pasta, the dish looked colourful yet not artificial.  I particularly like the packaging, most pastas are presented in flimsy bags, but the sturdy blue box suggested quality and we weren’t disappointed with this first opinion.  

The sauce and the pasta combined made a great combination and offered us simple family meals that were of a high quality. 

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As owner of  Bookings For You,  a company specialising in helping people find that perfect holiday in Italy, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on Italian food. I certainly have a list of favourite Italian food brands that I buy regularly and I very much support the Italian love of high quality ingredients to create that perfect dish. So it was with much enthusiasm, interest and, if I’m honest, some scepticism, that I swapped my regular pasta brand for the week in favour of Barilla’s pasta range.
However, I was quickly pleasantly surprised by their range of products. The first taste test was a twist on a pasta dish from Norcia – Pasta Norcina. The freshly made sauce that combines mushrooms with mince, onions, cream and white wine worked brilliantly with the wholewheat fusilli. Not normally one to buy wholewheat pasta, I did think that perhaps it wouldn’t be a hit with my 2 children but they loved it and both were very enthusiastic about the thought of eating it again. So, I’ll certainly be buying this again. It’s nice to give everyone a healthier option that taste wise, is just as good.

The other pastas proved just as popular. The penne tricolore added a touch more colour to my standard bolognese sauce recipe whilst the spaghetti was superb quality…. fantastic taste when cooked al dente for a spaghetti carbonara dish. This is my daughter’s favourite meal and she gave it a huge thumbs up so well done Barilla for passing her taste test!
The next taste test came sooner than expected. With a love for cooking, I admittedly tend to be someone who makes her own pasta sauces rather than using something out of a jar. But the Barilla tomato and basil sauce came into its own last weekend when I suddenly found myself face to face with 8 hungry teenagers to feed. It took just a few minutes to heat up in the microwave and then it was added to some rigatoni pasta I had in the cupboard. Topped with some parmesan cheese, it’s fair to say, they all wolfed it down. Definitely a great option to keep in the cupboard for emergencies and, for a quick, hassle-free meal, it’s a great solution.

All in all, well done Barilla. A great range of products which I will certainly look for on the supermarket shelves!

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