Baby Proofing your home

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Baby Proofing your home

A Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

Keeping our babies safe is the most important role as a parent. The very moment that little bundle of joy arrives in our lives, the work of raising a small person begins. It’s a huge job to keep baby safe yet, it’s virtually impossible to watch over our little ones 24 hours a day. We see only too often in the media, the accidents that can so easily happen in and around the home.

Thanks to forward thinkers, there is a huge choice of safety products on the market to keep our children safe, from stair gates to plug covers, table corner bumpers to bed rails, and many more. We have to be shrewd old parents, keeping one step ahead of our children’s growing abilities by using any tips, tricks and products to help protect them.

Here’s a good tip – get down to their level – literally on your hands and knees to get a good look at what’s in their line of sight, aka the danger zone!  It’ll give you your child’s eye perspective of safety issues in your home. But remember they get bigger! So today’s safety of being in the top kitchen drawer is tomorrows potential hazard.

One has to keep in mind though, to not to go mad with new products, with so many products to choose from, and so many different brand names, how do we even know which we need the most? But we can often buy everything possible and leave our faith in the products but often you can be creative with your home safety – there are such simple things you can do to keep hazards at bay.

That’s why we love this interactive guide to baby proofing from Sunlife, some things you’ve probably done already but sometimes you don’t think of the obvious ones, so having a reminder like this fun app can give you a little kick up the bottom reminder if you’ve been baby proofing for a while and it makes a handy checklist if you’ve got your head full of everything else baby and need some inspiration.

And if you’re anything like the mums in our office you’ll have at least one ‘oh yeah’ moment, and even if you have just one moment of realisation then our work here is done.

Stay safe, parents!



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