A valentine’s gift for me?

Jan 22, 2013 by

A valentine’s gift for me?

Look what arrived from @MorrisonsOffers today!

Looking out over the minus five snow-blanket picture from the window of my office, a package lands in front of me. With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s only right that the Valentine gifts start to arrive wanting reviews and I’m more than happy to sample this one myself.

Those lovely people at Morrison’s have sent us a load of these fabulous “Love in A Cup” tea bags to try, being massive tea lovers we’re most happy to oblige! I managed to take a pic before anymore disappear!

How cool are these, “Because nothing says I love You like a cup of tea in bed” aawww, how cute… and quite lovely with Valentines coming up soon 😉 

I wonder what tea and marshmallows taste like?

*time passes*

Yeah, it doesn’t work.

Don’t try it.

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  1. You never know Mel, he might surprise you by buying them for you. Lol.

    I think these are a great idea and will be getting some for my wife. The great news is that she will know I love her days after Valentines – more brownie points for me!

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